Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Story of Musa

 I don't know about you, but mannn life seems to really just pass me by these days. After months of ultra peak period, work has finally settled down to a normal pace and I am able to go home during daylight to a very happy baby boy!

Musa is 10 months now. This means, he only has one more monthly birthday before he turns one year old. It really feels like it was just yesterday I was telling him, "Is there no calendar in my tummy? You've been in there for 10 months I'm pretty sure you'd like to see some daylight??" Hehe.

Today, I want to write something about Baby Musa which I've been planning to write for yonks. There are many motherhood moments which I treasure, but this one tops the list. I want to pen it down so that I would always remember how it made me feel, even when my hair (and memory) turns grey.

A lot of people thought that Musa was named after my late grandfather, a man whom I've never meet but has only heard good things of. While it's true that they carry the same name, and it is my hope and prayers that Musa will grow to be as disciplined, and as loved and as knowledgeable as his late great grandfather - there is more to the story of his name than meets the eyes.

Musa is named after Prophet Moses a.s. (Musa, in arabic) whose birth and survival defies the odds, and whose life is a spiral of one miracle after another. Prophet Musa a.s. was born at a time when mass killing of baby boy was ordered by the ruler, for fear that one of them would grow up to defy him. No baby boy was spared, but by the will of Allah, Prophet Musa a.s. was not only the sole survivor, he was adopted and raised in the castle by the Queen herself! He grew up with all the wealth in this world and yet he remains a humble man, strong and always upholding truth and justice in all occasion.

Fast forward to a gazillion of years later, Allah has blessed me and Z with our own miracle. Two years ago when I was diagnosed with Appendicitis, I was also told that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant - and the doctor proposed an invasive surgery to fix the problem. It was heavy for me to swallow the news then, and I decided against the surgery, in favor of second opinion. Months went by, or rather - half a year went by and I never went for a second opinion preferring instead to be in my own bubble of denial. One day, I finally told Z that I was ready to see a doctor for 2nd opinion, and we went to one.

I told the doctor what was told to me, and it was weird when we had to say it out loud and acknowledged that we might have a problem. The doctor wanted to scan me and I was preparing myself for the worst case scenario. When he scanned me, he was quiet for a while and he said, "You wouldn't believe this."

I closed my eyes, and cringed so much, thinking - how bad could it be? He pressed a switch and much to my surprise, sound of steady, loud heartbeat filled the room. "Congratulations, you're already pregnant."

My heartttt probably doubled in size in seconds! To even try to depict how I feel at that point of time, is futile. It was a feeling like no other, I had tears in my eyes, and my husband - well he looked like a bucket of cold water just washed over his face. Life just got real huh, Z? Haha.

Musa, if you're reading this, I want you to know that we never expected you, but once we knew of your existence - we wanted nothing more than to have you with us! You were our very own miracle and it is through you that I am reminded of Allah's kindness, always giving even when I am undeserving of many of His blessings.

May you grow to be a fine man, loved by many like your great grandfather. May you follow the footsteps of Prophet Musa a.s. who remains humble even when showered with all the  wealth in this world, and upholds truth in all occasion. May your heart remains pure and inclined towards goodness, and only goodness.

And last but not least, may you sleep better at night. Ameen!

Funfact: In case you didn't buy the story above, he was also Made in USA. Hence MUSA! :D

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Lya Amie said...

So cute Musa, may him growing up healthy and blessed :)