Monday, January 5, 2015

Are You Game?

Just a week ago, my eldest sister suggested we start a One Grand per Household campaign to help those whose homes were completely destroyed by the East Coast floods.

To be honest, I felt that she sounded too ambitious then. I mean I wasn't even sure if I could raise 500 bucks what more a thousand, but we were determined to give them a significant amount to lift up their spirit and help them rebuild their life.

So I told her I'm game. 

The skepticism slowly fades away as I learn to realise if Allah wills it, a small effort could truly snowball into something bigger.

What began as personal SMSes to families and close friends, began spreading via Facebook, Instagram and even local radio station. Before long, a steady flow of donation streams in from friends and strangers alike.

On this note, I must say thank you everyone for your amazing support, for helping us spread the word – for every contribution big or small. My sisters and I are truly overwhelmed by the kindness of fellow Malaysians which we witnessed first hand through our little effort to raise these funds.

Today, alhamdulillah with your help we have collected over RM50,000  - and that donation will reach out to more than 50 families! I seriously can’t wait to help deliver the donation on your behalf, hoping inshAllah we could put some smile on their faces after all that they have gone through.

For your information, the donation is focused on the Hulu Kelantan area where there are approximately 800 homes destroyed in the wake of the East Coast floods. We may not be able to help everyone, but we are trying to help as many people as we can and we are counting on you and I to make this happen.

Please help us deliver one grand to as many affected households as possible. I am positive that your donation would make a difference in their life. Let's continue to spread the word around and encourage the people closest to us to donate - moms, dads, best friends,  friends of best friends, just about anyone!

Over and over again I would tell everyone, no amount is too small and our responsibility is to ensure your donation will reach those who need it most.

(Collection ends 15th January 2015)

Account No: 7601082325 (CIMB)
Account Name: Ajjrina Annuar

Account No: 164892056247 (Maybank)
Account Name: Azzahraa Annuar

Account No: 7006196095 (CIMB)
Account Name: Azzwaa Annuar

I pray that inshAllah the worst is over for them and I truly hope to bring more smiles to East Coast, Malaysia.
Are you game?

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Nada said...

Oh Ajjie, I'm so glad I revisited your blog. Thank you so much for your family's effort in making it possible for home-bound people to contribute. May Allah reward you and your sisters' good will, inshaa Allah :)