Saturday, December 27, 2014

Welcome Home

My not-so-baby brother is back from the US...for good, alhamdulillah! We were all shocked he actually graduated (no offense Adik!) so you can imagine how we felt when he told us he made it to the Dean's list. To put things in perspective, my mom almost fell off the chair.

"Is there another Afiq with the same surname in the University?"

"Surely that's a fake certificate? Where did you get it printed, old-town Brooklyn?"

Bahahaahhaha. #horriblefamily

My brother truly deserves more credit than he's getting huh? I guess sometimes no matter how old he gets, in our eyes he will always be our youngest, carefree, one and only little brother who would do anything just to get an extra 10 100 bucks from mom.

I mean, come to think of it, just yesterday he was 13 trying to escape life in boarding school and somehow today subhanAllah,  he is a mechanical engineer graduate, ready to take on the world! Seriously, where is this pause button we all so desperately need?? I guess it's just a few more sleeps before I turn 40 guys -_____-

It was so nice of my brother to arrive earlier than expected just to surprise the whole family. Totally saved us the petrol to and fro KLIA :P And the look on my mom's face when she saw her son walk into her bedroom? Priceless! Honestly. You could almost see stars bouncing out of her eyes.

Unfortunately, that surprise cost mom her whole night sleep because she was too happy and excited to sleep that night. Hehe. Nothing's quite like a mother's love huh? :)

Jokes aside, welcome home Adik! It's soooo nice to have the full quorum again! Alhamdulillah, after more than 17 years - finally, everyone is home....for good!

Meet the male version of Toots :D

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bestdissertation review said...

My parents acted the exact same way when i graduated too! Maybe its a cultural thing? haha. But congratulations to you and your family for his graduation.