Friday, August 1, 2014

TOMORROW: Save the Children of Gaza - 2nd August 2014

Sometimes, when I look at my nephews, I think of the children of Gaza. They should be with their family - laughing, playing and looking forward to growing up just like other kids.

But no, they are not.

On Eid, a playground was hit by missile. A witness said, "The kids were playing on the wheel. A rocket fell and cut them apart."

They were supposed to be celebrating, but instead eight people were killed - seven were children. 

And no one is held responsible for their deaths.

Please, pleasee...spread this awareness. Every religion would want us to uphold justice and protect the innocents. Join the growing peaceful rally, be inspired and boycott any organization that supports the Zionist.

And lastly, I hope to see you at the Save the Children of Gaza rally tomorrow, inshAllah :)

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It must the ultimate goal of all to help the people who are in distress. The major effected place now is Gaza. It has been put in a very beautiful way. Thank you for the eye opener.