Monday, March 4, 2013

CAMERON HIGHLAND: Weekend getaway


 Alhamdulillah for a beautiful, picture perfect quiet weekend with the family :)

Woke up early and read a book whilst enjoying the beautiful morning view from our hotel, the Lakehouse. Drank strawberry-flavored highlander tea and eat yummy scones by the tea farm. Took a stroll down the pasar malam by the evening and one scrumptious steamboat dinner later, we were all wrapped in blankets watching a movie until one of us starts to snore. Hehe. 

And somehow we also managed to selit some time for picnic - eating Nasi Dagang no less, fresh from Kelantan!


susumanis said... t picas, keep sharing ya :)

femes said...

the colors look amazing. may I know which camera model you used please?

putri leia said...

MashaAllah, the view are breathtaking!

Ini said...

hi,salam kenal....nice and sweet...