Thursday, January 24, 2013

Masterchef Inspired

So yes, I've definitely been least online.

My 7 years old laptop takes 15 mins to start up,and it disconnects from the internet every half an hour. My smartphone is half dysfunctional and dies every 2 hours for no reason too. I have a Twitter account with forgotten password and I have an Instagram account just because Mimak signed up on my behalf while I was on a toilet break at a wedding. To top it off, my blog is half dead.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised when somebody commented on my best friend's blog asking if I'm still alive.


Wellll boys and dolls, all I need is a new laptop and insha Allah I will blog more....any takers? (Don't worry I'm very simple, I only want Mac!) :D

You might realize that I have made some changes to my blog. I realized I'm only getting older and someday my hair will turn grey and I can't exactly call myself a "girl" still. Hehe. So say bye bye to A Girls Say and please welcome Written by Toots - a name which I consider more "evergreen" than the former. I will change the title and address soon :)

So what brings me back to the blogosphere? Hmm.

I realized it's a new year and every year, I let my new year go without any serious new year resolution...what a complete waste of opportunity right?? So this time, I spent some time evaluating myself, what I want to do and where I want to be by 2014. I know I've always enjoyed traveling so that easily came up as my first resolution - to travel more.

Then I looked through my blog and realized I've written only ONE book review over my blogging years...and that shocked me because I loooveeeee to read! But then I realized I couldn't remember the last time I read a book cover to cover because of late, I tend to read some pages, skip even more pages, and concluded that I have completed reading the whole book. So I penned down my second challenge for the year - to read more books....cover to cover.

From my blog I also realized I never really write anything about cooking except for my mini kek-batik experience which doesn't really count. I would love to share my experience in the kitchen, but the truth is, I don't want to scare the boys off because I'm so terrible with cooking and I'm still single! Hahhahaa. So after much thought and hesitation, I firmly decided on my final challenge for the year - to frequent the kitchen and learn to cook. *shivers*

So there you go - my three, very simple and supposedly do-able NY resolutions.

To keep myself in check, I've decided to blog on the progress of my NY resolutions, so you'll see the tabs at the top of my blog depicting my NY resolutions i.e. The Traveling Foot, The Struggling Chef and the Walking Library. Honestly, I'm quite nervous about this - I really don't want to blog about putting my kitchen on fire -____-"

I don't ever remember taking my NY resolutions seriously so lets hope I could do it this time, insha Allah! *pats self on the back*


Chibi R said...

Yeay you're back! *throws confettis*

Anna said...

YAY!!!! I hope you do update your blog at least once a week? (Or is it still hard for you since you're a career woman? hehehe ok la ape2 la asalkan update! ;) I missed your writings Toots!) Well, welcome back to the blogging world :)

saidatul maria said...

hooreeyyy.... nak tiru part book review ye... hehehe

shaz said...

ohh...i miss u & ur writings... =D

Anonymous said...

Hi toots,
Glad u r back to blogging world.
Love to read more ur writings..

P/s i often bumped into you at your workplace area :)

Toots said...

Hi guys! Yes I is back. hehe.

Anon, next time come say hi okay!

susumanis said...

dont know y, am simply love u n vv :)

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