Thursday, January 31, 2013

First of 2013

What did I say about my new year resolution? 

Challenging? Scary?

Oh well, if you think my silence is for lack of updates...boy are you wrong! Hehe.

On the contrary, I was actually too busy having fun doing all three last weekend *blows nails*

Travel? Check.
Read a book cover to cover? Check.
Learn to cook? Well....sort of. Hehe.

Here's a sneak peak before the proper update:



.::puterism::. said...

Last sekali tu yang tak tahan :p Welcome back!

Kauthar said...

So happy that u're back!! Alhamdulillah!More updates after this ya Toots :D

Toots said...

Welcome me :))

susumanis said...

recipe for t last one pls :)