Monday, July 2, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

Alhamdulillah, Titts is MARRIED!!! I'd love to blog about it now, but I think I could use some rest tonight :)

Mann, they are soooo going to annoy me with "Look, we're halal now" poses huhh??!!! 


Kauthar said...

bila giliran awak pulak Toots ;)??

farhana said...

Kihkihkih....biasa la tu. Dah halal, nak pose mcm mana pun no hal! =P
I keep refresh ur page just to see if there is post bout Titts's wedding =)
Ok...get ur rest first, bcz I know u really work hard for ur BFF's wedding =D

m a r i s s a said...

beautiful wedding indeed.. soon it will be ur turn to pose "look, we're HALAL now!" and girl u'll be proud to say that. mashaAllah

Anonymous said...

im so jealous with their over the top

.::puterism::. said...


Next entry, i wish I can read your speech kat majlis Titts. Boleh? :)

Anonymous said...

dah ada calon tak?hahhaha