Friday, April 20, 2012

MELAKA : Melaka Trippin'

Two of my high school friends are getting hitched soon, so that gives us a pretty good reason to pack up and go road tripping. It was suchhh a fun trip - I didn't realize how much I miss high school until I'm surrounded by these junkies hehe. Put us together and somehow, suddenly - it's high school all over again!

Anyway, this was my first vacation to Melaka, and already I was falling head over heels for the iconic city. We bumped into Henry Golding and some us of had stars in our eyes, no kidding! At night, Melaka city gets more and more happening - the trishaws were fully lit, the stalls, musics, hawkers were up full force and there were night cruises along the small Melaka river too.

Pretty sights everywhere, masha Allah.

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At the risk of sounding completely high school I must say - Jonker Street is ah-may-xing! But by 10 pm and five-durian-spring-rolls later, we realized that we were no high school girls and were already slowly dragging our feet through the crowd. Had late dinner at Dutch Harbor Cafe just because the owners were nice enough to help take pictures of us girls (Yea, we're easy like that....)

But much to our surprise, the food were really tasty and their service deserves my personal five sparkling stars  simply because it felt personal. I had the best brownies in the world and even my friends were gushing over how good the pizza and pumpkin soup were. Either the food were reaaaaaallllly good or we were just hungry out of our mind lah!

Of course the highlight of this post is this: The girls planned a mini belated birthday surprise for yours truly =D And this deserves a post because even though we've known each other for12 good years but for the life of me, I couldn't remember the last time we celebrated my birthday together! 

....and a birthday in Melaka? That's a first all right! :)

Love you girls, like masha Allah a lot okay! :D


Kauthar said...

Malacca is always my fav destination :D now, i feel like going there the river cruise n the asam pedas of course!

m a r i s s a said...


i'm new here, and already love ur blog.. i love ur writing and your perspectives of the world and u potray the beauty of islam. kudos!
anyway, if u're interested to follow my blog, u are most welcome to!

Anonymous said...

u r so so so beautiful ajjie :D :D :D
salam ramadhan!