Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet Another Exams

In exactly two weeks I'll be seating for my final CA paper - I can make do with no exams in my life but I'm not sure if I'm ready to kiss my study leave goodbye, hehe.

Hopefully this time I can do my best in this final paper - because I do miss working really hard for exams. It just doesn't happen anymore, the passion to study when you're doing it part time is nothing like when you were a full time student. There are just toooooooo much distractions!

But not this time, bi'ithnillah :)

This time I wanna kiss all my excuses sayonara and give this final paper my best shot! Please pray for my success coz wallahi, your du'a means the world to me.

O'Allah al Fatah, You are the Supreme Conquerer, let me conquer this final paper with the best of success, Ameen ya Rabb!


farhana said...

Good luck and do your very best dalam exam nanti! Km semua akan doakan u, Toots =)

asyiqin nasir said...

good luck!

nurul syazana said...

Aminn ya rabb
Gudluck toots!! :D

Toots said...

Jazakallah khairan kasiran, thanks girls - appreciate the support! :))

Nesayang said...

Aminnn Ya Rabb! :)
You can do it!

Nadia said...

Salam Toots,
Would you please share with me how you manage your time between study and work and life.
I studied part time as well and took 1 subject at the moment but find really hard to complete my assignment and study because of my long working hours. =__=!
Appreciate your advise and thoughts.

shac said...

bittaufiq wannajah ya ukhti :)

soleil m said...

all the best, ajjie! insyaAllah, Allah will help u through :)

portem said...

in search for that cut off point..and get it done with.

Toots said...

jazakallah khair everyone...! You guys make my day! :))