Saturday, February 18, 2012


Do you know what Salam means?

The simple translation in English is May Peace Be Upon You.

In deeper sense, we're indicating to the one receiving Salaam that they are free from any harm coming from us. That we will not despair them, we will not back chat them and that we only want good things to come their way.

It doesn't make sense to give Salam and then attack or back chat someone.
It's like saying I want you to be happy, but let me upset you with these words for now.

Unlike "Hello" and "Hi" that have no meaning, Salam holds a deep meaning.
Truly, Allah is As-Salam and Allah loves peace.

So the next time we say our Salam, just remember that we're offering peace.
Let's live up to it and avoid back-chatting :)


petite girl said...

kak how to get used of saying it? I am not used to say salam. Don't get me wrong, but I am.

Toots said...

I know what you meannn! But the hardest part is just trying it the first time, after that insha Allah better - try!!! :D