Friday, February 24, 2012

A Helping Hand

"If you see that one of you have slipped - correct him and pray for him. 
Do not help Shaytan against him (by insulting him)"  

- Ummar Al Khattab  Radia-allahu anhu  
Tafseer al-Qurtubi, 15/256.

It's true. Sometimes we frown upon non-practising muslims, not realizing our act of isolating and back-biting them are non-islamic too. If we are so eager to help non-muslim learn the beauty of Islam, why can't we help our dear brothers and sisters in Islam as well? Surely all of us are in need of one another. Only Allah is Al-Witr, the Odd One who self exist. You and I - we both need each other to continuously journey this path of self-improvement. Allahu musta'an.


ashieBee said...

i like this! and i agree...but somehow, sometimes it just slipped our mind and we ended up with wrong selection of words while commenting on that. as in, upon seeing other muslims doing what they aren't suppose to do. or maybe even if tak back-bitting pon, we don't give any stern NO look/advice. we just seat there, quietly...sort of agreeing to whatever they are doing.

Toots said...

Remember the weapon of the believers - our du'a! :)