Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SINGAPORE : A Girlish Weekend

Question : What happens when Titts and Toots finally decided to go on our first holiday trip together?
Answer : We missed our flight to Singapore, that's what happened! Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, that was our only little mishap - thanks to the best friend who thinks the plane waits for commoners like us! I almost pulled a "But she's Proudduck!" statement but I was pretty sure the airport staff would go "Which nation is that?" (HAHAH) so we settled for a new flight ticket instead.
Despite the little drama at KLIA we were so excited when we landed, you had no idea! Singaporeans are known to be well, achievers - so Titts and I couldn't stop competing with each other the moment we touched down it was hilarious. Everything also nak menang! Hehe (No offense to Singaporean readers, you guys should really be proud of this trait!)

So in the short span of time we did the necessary - shopping at Orchard Road, night safari and awesome girls night in. Little bridezilla Titts is obsessed over her wedding (but lets face it, so were Mimak and I) so we spent the night planning the wedding. I surely foresee more of this coming our way!

The three of us concluded, every once in a while, it's nice to have a girlish weekend like this :)

By the way, on a completely random note - do you realize how completely inappropriate most video clips are these days? One time, all three of us were curled up in bed talking nonsense when out came Rihanna and her song on TV, barely clothed, all tatooed up, kissing boys and girls alike. SubhanAllah, I'm not one who pays attention to video clip but when I had a good look at one, it really scares me what has become acceptable these days!

"No wonder we were so screwed up growing up!" Asma' quipped. Hehe, true that!

It's really sad to realize how much we've progressed over the years and yet, we've regressed a lot more in terms of morality and decency. It's a challenging world out there I mean, just look at the three of us - we have Miss Free Hair Titts, Miss Semi Free Hair Asma and Miss No Free Hair Me hehe. All three of us are struggling in our own way and sometimes, it feels so hard to change but trust me, Allah knows this. He acknowledges that Hollywood is messing with our head and He acknowledges every step we take to improve ourselves - so keep on improving guys :)

I leave you with the best picture we captured from Singapore:

Yummy Ice Cream Bread by Orchard Road!!!!


Anonymous said...

First, it was nice to hear some story on ur side once in a while (since u're seldom write nowadays toots =( *makes me waiting)

Second, i really agree about what is happening to our generations nowadays. It is all heartbreaking and my jaw is like almost drop tercengang - sedih sangat... bagi mereka yang berfikiran jauh dan matang - syukurlah dapat beza baik dan buruk; BUT how abt those yang IGNORANCE about moral and nilai agama? ='( i can only pray...

me too - in a situation where have good frens tht is free hair and some semi-free, but ONLY ALLAH knows who's better darjatnya.. x semestinya bila saya bertudung, darjat saya lebih tinggi - maybe worst...

Last but not least - tht is one NICE-looking-ice cream... gotta find it when i visit Singapore!!!

Ok, tootsie... have a good life! =D


petite girl said...

did you go to Universal Studio? and Murtabak!

Anonymous said...

I'm scared to raise my kids in this kind of world

Toots said...

PG : Tak sempat! Plus it doesnt go with Mimak and Titt's killer heels hehe.

It is challenging, and truly we have no choice but to prepare ourselves for it. I can’t stress on the importance of knowledge to help us distinguish between the good and the bad – only people of righteous knowledge truly understand the purpose of life and fears Allah. May we strive to be one of them, Allahu mustaan.

FRSR said...

u went to Arab St?quite nice place for fabric shopping too! =)

petite girl said...

haha killer heels. um um that's a biggg no.

portem said...

they say if you read and go deep, you find god

could be...

Suria said...

Salam Toots. Can you make a tutorial on how you wear your beautiful hijab. It's really simple yet looks elegant. Please please please.

Thanks :)