Thursday, January 5, 2012

Current State of Ummah

"Hardly a day goes by except an incident occurs somewhere in the world that affects the muslim at a global level, and often times the news are disheartening and depressing that it only becomes natural for us to question - why is this happening to our ummah? Are we not the best ummah, is not Allah on our side? And yet we’re too scared to verbalize the question, for fear it contradicts our own faith. In this fear we have become paralyzed. And when  we don’t have the courage to ask, how then will we have the opportunity to answer this question?

Countless hadiths and revelations mentioned in the past, explicitly depicting the state of current ummah, masha Allah.
 Shaykh Yasir Qadhi - may Allah bless him and his family, got me glued in front of my laptop yet again, hehe. Watch this video my dear readers - understand why we're where we are today, what should we do and how can we be better in these trying times.

"Every prophet is obligated to tell his nation of all the good and bad news. And for my ummah, the blessed era is the earlier ummah. As for the later ummah, they will be afflicted with "fitan" (trials and tribulations) - each fitan will be bigger and larger than the one before it."
-The Prophet (SAW), as narrated by Imam Muslim



Anonymous said...

Thanks toots for the sharing..Jadzakallahu khayran kathiro=)

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thanks a lot for the sharing. It really opened up my mind.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing this. I like to read your thoughts :)