Friday, December 23, 2011

Halo on My Head

Last month Bloss got all excited to host another "Secret Santa" get together like we used to, where we would hold a small party, dress festively and exchange gifts. However being the party popper that I proudly am (hehe), I told them of my recent concern - that it is actually improper to host a religious celebration of other religions. 

Don't get me wrong, personally I wouldn't mind joining our non-muslim friends for dinner on Christmas Eve (you can read the query here), but to actually host one, it's a completely different thing. For example, as much as I love my good friend, Vicky - I couldn't imagine him hosting an open house on Eid Fitri or worse, sacrificing a sheep on Aidil Adha....that's just plain weird!LOL.

But I really love the idea of Christmas, because in many ways their cultures are very Islamic :)

In Hadith Bukhari, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) mentioned that among ways to increase love with one another is to feed food, give good greetings of Salaam and exchange gifts - all these could be found in the traditional family dinner on Christmas Eve, minus the wine, of course!

So I told them lets have it anyway, we'll change the small party to a cozy dinner just the few of us, skip the Merry Christmast toast, donate the Santarina hat to a non muslim friend and call it our secret friendship day thing! The girls started getting excited again and we even agreed to come in handmade headgears :D
Drawing lots for our secret gift!
I was wearing Jas C jumpsuit from Fashion Valet. Paired it with a long black cardigan, and I completely loveeee the look! The only problem is when you need to go to the toilet...oh dear, the hassle of being a girl....
It's been quite a while since I last promote FV :)
So on 9th December we had our small get together and guess what? Nobody had time to make their own headgears! So much talk and no action la us girls hehe. In my defense, I tried to make one but it ended looking like a small ugly hat with cronic chicken pox, so I gave up and went to Westin straight from the office. I was feeling all sweaty and ugly, and my dear friends just hadddd to look pretty on that day! So tak aci, pft.

Luckily, Bubs had an extra headgear for me!

Tadaaaaa...Halo on my head! Thanks Bubsss
My secret gift : Charles and Keith flats in tan - Love it! :)
My not-so-secret gift came from Diana - she was sooo thoughtful to interview my sister what to get me. Obviously my sister told her to get me a pair of shoes, because we always fight over her shoes (Proof = here!) and the best part was it fits perfectly!

Bubs and Bloss got their presents a little late because Dd was in Singapore and I only managed to get hold of Kalong a few days after the dinner. (I got Bubs a Kalong from Fashion Valet) Most of the items were sold out, so it was between brown, white and green Kalong. I absolutely fell in love with the green Kalong but I love my bank account too much to splurge on her, hehe. So I got Bubs the brown Kalong instead, the one that I recalled her expressing interest in just a few months ago :)

Kalong collections
Bubs, trying her Kalong
I would totally recommend every one to do this once in a while, to exchange gifts with your family, friends and loved ones.

Because lets face it, sometimes we're too busy for each other. Things change, people change and life alters accordingly. A sincere gift assures that despite these inevitable changes, you will always have their best interest at heart. It doesn't have to be something expensive, just something sincere. It's really heartwarming to see their faces lit up in anticipation and the joy of getting a surprise gift, I assure you, is something we could definitely live with ;)



Anonymous said...


Dulu saya pernah nak tegur, siapa ada christmas tree dalam rumah...


Good entry :) Keep it up... semoga dapat beri panduan pada Muslim lain yang suka betul sambut CHristmas ni mengalahkan umat lain...

Anonymous said...

Toots, may Allah bless you. I love your new personality. u are just like irma hasmi to me, so inspiring. I hope to see u someday, i just want to hug u.

Keep on writing :)

Kuey san said...

You looked pretty in the jumpsuit! Can I get my secret gift? ;p

depw said...

You have a very understanding and good hairdresser! I love that she colour matches to your home dye colour rather than the other way around!