Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Hijra'

Love is a powerful thing.

It turns your world upside down and makes you do stupid things. It is the reason for that sheepish smile when no one is watching, for that giddy feeling only understood by one in love. Sometimes, love can be ruthless, but words ring true when Tennyson said it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

Indeed, for the longest of time - love has always been a powerful thing.

Hence it is very apt to remind ourselves to benefit, and not to lose ourselves in such a powerful force. And it is for the reason above, that this entry wins a ticket to Twins of Faith. There is honesty in the writing, of past mistakes and more importantly the apparent persistency to be better. Thank you to those who have shared their equally amazing stories with me and helped me reflect on myself - you know who you are :) May Allah increase all of us in knowledge and iman.

Enjoy reading the entry, and I pray that just as the writer, we will all find our other half who will complete our deen and makes us a better person inside out, insha Allah :)

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Hijra to me means to improve one’s self continuously. It does not have to be something significant, a small step in the right direction can be the start of an important journey; as long as you keep making the small steps over and over again. Stealing a quote from one of my favourite movie, Any Given Sunday: “Don’t underestimate the inches you gain in life. At the end of the day, those inches can add up to a mile. Those inches can be the difference between winning and losing, living or dying”.

My Hijra’ will most probably be out of place when compared to how others describe theirs.  My Hijra’ happened a few years ago. It happened when I met a girl, the girl.

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss her as an incomplete Muslimah. She belonged to the free hair group. She did not camp at the Musolla after Maghrib prayers, choosing instead to spend time in the college’s cafeteria, chatting with her many friends, both guys and girls. She had a flirtatious look in her eyes that no red blooded guy can ever resist. She came from a wealthy family, one that rubs shoulders with the most influential people.

Yes, it was easy to label her as an incomplete Muslimah.

Yes, it was easy to label her as bad news to a goody two shoes Mummy’s boy such as myself.

Yet, meeting her and knowing her was my Hijra’.

For beyond what others see of her, lies the true definition of a Muslimah. She is kind, going beyond what is required to help those in need. She is a true friend, honest and loyal until the end. She judges no one, built long lasting and true friendships with people from all walks of life, from children of tycoons to a girl from a village whose family own nothing but the shirts on their backs. She honours her parents, cares for her siblings and respected her elders. She observes the Rukun Islam wholeheartedly. She lives her daily life according to the teachings of Islam without making a big deal out of it, never one to do something just to make people think highly of her.

And when I knew her, I saw kindness and softness I never knew existed. Admittedly, it was her long flowing hair, her smile and laugh that got my attention (I was a teenage boy, what do you expect!). But it was what I saw of her on the inside that made me fall in love, as cliché as that sounds. I can pretend and say it was a “dating according to Islam” relationship but we were kids at the time and we were in love. It was an emotional relationship, filled with mushy “I love you” messages, tantrums, pouting/jealousy (not always from her!) but above all, total respect and devotion for each other.

And where are we now? Alhamdulillah, happy to say that we are now married, more than two years and I love this girl more today that I ever did. I respect her, cherish her and would do all in my power to make her happy.

Now, you may ask, what does all this have to do with my Hijra’? Well, as I said, to me Hijra’s is to improve one’s self.

And she is my Hijra’. From the first day I met her, I strive to be better.

To be a better partner. To be a better son. To be a better friend. To be a better student. To be a better brother. To be a better husband. To be a better father. To be a better Muslim. Why?

Because she deserves to be with the best partner.

Because her parents deserve the best son (well, son-in law).

 Because she deserves to have the best kind of people as her friends.

Because she deserves to be with someone who works hard and achieves things that makes her proud.

Because she deserves to be with the best husband.

Because her children deserve the best father.

Because she is a true Muslimah and she deserves the best Muslim by her side.

That is why, this girl is my Hijra’. From the first day I met her, until today and insya Alah everyday for the rest of my life, I am improving myself to be a better person. Small steps, things that nobody but me would notice. Inches by inches. 

And Alhamdulillah, a mile down the road, my Hijra’ is still going strong. With her as my companion, I will walk a million more inches.

After all, an inch could be the difference between winning and losing, between living and dying. Between jannah and jahannam.

Or, between free tickets and paying for myself! ;)


Anonymous said...

nice entry, nice story :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww. So sweet!

anz said...

wow beautifully written and deserved that free ticket! thank you for sharing :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

stories from diff angle ...

Anonymous said...

this is indeed the very best entry ever.

petite girl said...

Lovely one. I wish I would meet someone like that. The one who dont label me only by the 'free hair girl'.

petite girl said...

salam toots. Umm, I feel shy to inform you this. I sent an email to your It's ok if you're busy and hard to reply.

purplelurve said...

Thanks Toots for posting this writing. He deserved to win! Hope that he will be happy with his life partner. May all of us continuously try to be better Muslims. Amin...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Toots & the writer for sharing. It has inspired me as well to 'Hijrah' to a better muslimah

Miss Aida said...

Aw - that's so touching! They're a lucky couple indeed. :)

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Love this!

portem said...

it is the cutest blog on the block

Diha said...

masya Allah, such a beautiful story :)

Anees said...

amazing story told in an amazing way..... a different take on things but no less meaningful. tak boleh publish the rest of then entries? if they are anywhere close to this one, can even compile into a small book of short stories. :p

Lisa said...

Oh my. What a touching story.. Do share with us readers the other entries you received! I'm sure they are as touching as this story. Really touched my heart.

Irah said...

Alhamdulillah. God bless the girl whom God has granted her with such an amazing partner. will pray the best for the both of them. touched :")

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salam. i would like to copy this to my blog. thank you =)

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