Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Post!

So many good things happened the past few weeks, alhamdulillah!

First thing first, my baby brother is back from the US for a short break - and everyone was sooo excited about it (which was ridiculous btw because he's only been gone for TWO MONTHS! Hahahaha). But then, what can I say - my brother really is THE celebrity in the house. Being the youngest kid AND the only boy, he could literally get away with murder. Pfft.

My mom was smiling from ear to ear for the whole week waiting for him to come home and when the day arrived, my sisters and my mom actually printed posters welcoming him home!!! Seriously, when I first got home from Melbourne after a YEAR being abroad, all I got was an SMS from my sister asking what gifts did I bring home! Cet, so much love!

Life is unfair, and I thank my baby brother for giving me early exposure to this! Hahaha. But honestly, I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world - because he's my one and only younger sibling and underneath his macho exterior, he really has the kindest heart :)

And then I went for a supershort holiday with Titts to Singaporeeee to visit Asma' - the infamous traitor who left our country for love. Titts and I have alwaysssss wanted to go to Singapore togetherrrr, and with Mimak there - it was the perfect lets-go-push for the both of us!

The happy traitor on her wedding day!
 The trip was greater than great, masha Allah we had soooo much fun in a short period of time! Can't wait to blog about it but I'm waiting for pictures from Titts. Going to Bangkok end of this week so you can imagine my spirit soaring high coz I love traveling soooo much. (My bank account however, doesn't seem to agree with me on this one. Hehe.)

Took the last flight home and left Singapore with a heavy heart, but God gave me an awesome gift - fever and flu made in Singapore, so I could get an extra day to rest before going back to work. (Thank You thank You thank Youuu God, You know I need this rest!)

Titts and Toots
 Have a great week everyone. 
And look forward to a colorful Spore post sooonnn, insha Allah! :))


farhana said...

I miss u Toots! hehe
Cant wait for ur next post, but first thing first, get enough rest n get well soon ya, amin =)

*U n Titts dah mcm kembar! =P

ZaNNa said...

nice Hols Toots!! i really felt pelik to address u as "Toots" hahahaha =P

Anonymous said...

hi ajjie, u look so good in tudung, i think u should post more often, many will get inspired to wear something modest, cover up but still pweety like u do.

Toots said...

Mannn shuckss, you guys are full of nice words for us mashaAllah - thank youuuuu! :)