Wednesday, December 14, 2011

About Toots

A semi-recent graduate who finds herself working the corporate life. Has the lowest threshold of "What's funny". Enjoys quality time with family, friends, shopping malls and kids. Love to shop, refuse to spend. Don't mind working but surely wish I have more time to spare for other things in life :D

And help me God, I have profound love for ice cream! 

In here I share words and stories that inspire me and incidences that have eventually helped me grow. Because my masha-Allah awesome brain just refused to keep its ideas to itself. Hehe.

It wants everyone to know that every good deed – no matter how small, is significant and that a mistake is only a mistake if it doesn't help you grow. Or that every girl needs to shop, and that there’s nothing wrong with shopping if you also shop for the here’s all about the balance! :D

Jokes aside, I feel that the mainstream media paints success in a way that seldom strikes a balance between this world and the here-after. Hence this blog is my small attempt to remind my forgetful self the beautiful life I am granted with (Alhamdulillah!:)), and the more beautiful, everlasting hereafter I am promised with if I strive to follow the righteous path.

You win some, you lose some - but surely you don't want to lose out on Jannah!

I grow up hoping I could change the world. Sometimes I think I’m too idealistic I need to be knocked on my head, but I still want to be that person who inspires hope and affects change – no matter how small. Because at the end of the day, I am neither perfect nor good. I am only learning to be a better person each day.

And this is my story.


petite girl said...

awww. sweet. welcome back to Kl! ready to brace the rain! haha.kidding.


Shifa ATC said...

love this entry very much! kirim slm my bf aka ur colleague :) take care dear..

Toots said...

aww shifa, didnt know you have a blog! Rapek pelik je I said you kirim salam awal2 pagi. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him for you!! Hehehe

Kuey san said...

A humble post. You are one nice lady. God bless you, Toots (and me too!)


Xiet_Enigma said...

Salam Ukhuwah sister. Please update your blog... Plz plz plz coz I love to read ur posts! :)

just found out this and terus follow. hehe