Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gems and Jewels

A man asked Hasan bin ‘Ali (radiallaahu anhu) “I have a daughter and people have proposed to her, so to whom should i marry her?”

He said, “Marry her to one who fears Allaah, for if he loves her, he will honor her; and if he hates her, he will not wrong her.“

[Gems and Jewels|Page 171]

It reminded me of a one late night, when Titts and I were BBMing each other:

"Isn't the thought of falling out of love, a scary thing?"

"Definitely. But change is inevitable you know, people grow up, stumble upon the ups and downs of life and there's no guarantee you will be the same person you once were."

"Dudeeee how to believe in marriage then, if feelings change and fade over time?"

"Well, mom always says she loves daddy for the sake of Allah, because it is pleasing in the eyes of Allah. Like how you can't NOT love fasting and praying, you can't NOT love your husband."

"And what if you just fall out of love? What if you just don't love him anymore?"

"Well, there is always that option out. But if you choose to stay in, then you rest in comfort knowing when you no longer love a person, you know your marriage is solely for the sake of Allah"

And I thought to myself, how beautiful is this religion, Islam? There is just no giving up no matter how hard life hits you. No amount of dirt thrown could dirty a practicing muslimah, she just gets prettier and better with time :)


Anonymous said...

gems and jewel e-book..hehe

Anonymous said...

Islam itu indah... =D
Just <3 everytime reading blogpost like this especially in your's, Ustazah Toots =)


whenpeltalks said...

MasyaAllah Toots, this is JUST as when I need it! Been having this thought recently.

Thanks thanks for sharing..

aina m khairi said...

This is really inspiring ajjie :-)
Just what i needed to hear (or read for that matter)

Toots said...

Praise to Allah, I'm really happy when people could relate to my writing. You guys really make my day, thank YOU!! :))

Fara said...

simply beautiful! couldn't help but to smile ;)

Toots said...

Keep on smiling y'all! hehe

Toots said...

Keep on smiling y'all! hehe