Monday, November 14, 2011


"Nothing beautiful is created without struggle. You want your heart to be beautiful, but you forget that a diamond is created by heat and pressure, and pure gold is made by heating." -Yasmin Mogahed


Anonymous said...

hey toots!

u r going to this sunday's event with wardina??

i so wanna meet u :)

Anonymous said...

hmm whats the event for this sunday?

Toots said...

InsyaAllah, I'll be there! Eeeks. so takut to meetchu! hehe

Hi Anon! There's a session with Wardina, if I'm not mistaken the topic is Falling in Love Again with Islam. Check it on Facebook k:

farhannaaris said...

hi, i come across ur blog from proudduck.kita tak rajin sangat online, but whenever i'm surfing the net, or when i am feeling down, ur blog is the first that i look for.sometimes, i reread ur old entries again n again. ur entries are very much menenangkan dan buat kita tak putus harap pada realiti.terima kasih banyak2.

Toots said...

Sama sama Farhana! I'm glad we both could benefit from this alhamdulillah! :)