Friday, October 21, 2011

Syakh Yahya Adel Ibrahim's Letter to My Children

A beautiful excerpt from one of my favorite AlKauthar speaker, Syakh Yahya Adel Ibrahim's
Letter to My Children (Part 4)

My children, know that your faith in Allah must manifest itself in your character. Tawheed builds Character. Speak the truth always, even if against yourself. Avert your eyes from immorality, pornography and junk TV. Keep your chastity and guard yourself from any stage of sexual immorality. Know that a friend is a window to your soul. Follow your heart and be true to your firasah (instint). Be just, firm and gentle in your dealings. When you are hurt, recover quickly and thank Allah for the difficulty that extinguishes sin. When you are well and all seems to be at peace, be vigilant and anticipate a brewing storm.

When you err, repent to Allah and seek not to conceal it from me by lying or deception. The greatest lessons you will learn will be through your naive misjudgement of peoples’ character, your over confidence and because you did not heed our advice as your parents. When you err, we are there. As bad as you may think it is and as embarrassing as you may find it, step up to me and I will run over to you. Know that you are brothers and sisters to one another. If your cousin slights one of you, it is as if he slighted all of you. Together you must remain as one.

My children, if pushed, push back harder. In life you must hit back. Let no one assume you weak on account of your spiritual inner peace. Learn to negotiate and compromise and dialogue while attaining your objective. Violence is not a solution. Peace does not mean fragility. Be sturdy, humble, durable and reflective.

My children, remember that your mother carried you and sustained you in her own body. For nine months she protected you and nurtured you. She loved you with an amazing intensity all throughout. The day of your birth and all that days that followed have only increased that love. Your illness is our illness, your success is our success. Know my children that I possess nothing of the dunya that is equal to you. I love you and will continue to love you as long as I live. Eventually, insha Allah, you will have children of your own. Make sure you write them a letter.

I ask Allah to grant me life, health and ability to educate you as my father and mother educated me. I ask Allah to put love in your hearts for humanity and to use you in the assistance of others.

I ask Allah to protect you and honour you with al-Quran.

I ask Allah to increase your rizq, lifespan and allow you happiness in this dunya and in the akhira.

- by Syakh Yahya Adel Ibrahim

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Siti Syazwan said...

Bace ni sis. It is sad kan. This is suicidal and very unethical approach to Islam. Yes, awrat is important but through the islah of every individual Muslim in the world should be the right way, not to kill nor harrassing any of the people who were the victims of this society

Anonymous said...

Salam Toots,

As usual, your article gives me more strengths to face the world. This article brought tears to my eyes. Thanks very much Toots. May Allah bless you and all of us.

~ Nonie

Toots said...

SS : Those are definitely not the practice of Islam - how scary for people to misinterpret to something as such :(

Hi Nonie, do loock through more of Syakh Yahya's article - they're all very inspiring :)