Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Suhaib Webb is in town!

Former rapper and famous international speaker - Imam Suhaib Webb is here in KL to talk on Do We Have Akhirah Deficit Disorder! I cant wait to attend the session, insyaAllah because I've heard nothing but good remarks and comments on him. So to those who will be in KL, please don't miss the chance to attend this free-of-charge talk by an auspicious speaker :)

Plus, Young Muslim Project (YMP) rarely dissapoints. Their seminars and events are engaging, funny, relaxed and best of all, you will go home wanting to be a better person, insyaAllah :)

Hope to see you there! :)


Anonymous said...


love this imam so much!! but alas i hv been missing his talk for quite sometime since ymp organizes it during weekdays..

btw, i would love to share a video with u..


Toots said...

Aleikum-salam :)

He was amazing Anon, I wished you were there with us! I wrote some of the stuff he talked about in case you're interested although I dont think I do him justice, hehe.

Thank you so much for sharing the video, the words were beautiful!

Anonymous said...

yup ive read both you and vivy's review on the talk.. may Allah bless both of you! keep sharing ya!!

i hope i can keep on continue coming to ymp's events.. been missing their events for quite some time.. nvr met you yet at their programs, insyaAllah one beautiful day :)

since i dont hv much opportunity to join them, i resort to following them on fb, following Imam Suhaib's on fb & twitter as well as subscribing daily email of his website.. so many tazkirah there! at least better than nothing, rite.

if you hv time, do browse on this young guy, too. he's amazing masyaAllah!
he's name is Nouman Ali Khan.

this is one of my fav: