Sunday, October 9, 2011


I don't know who she is (apparently an artist in Malaysia), but masyaAllah she's so pretty in hijab! :) Oh yes, I can be quite a stalker sometimes, hehe. Got this picture from Akma, but I end up browsing through many of her pictures on Facebook. I like how she keeps it fully covered, quite an inspiration I must say!
Heliza Helmi
This may be my bias opinion (hehe) but I really think girls look better in hijab :)


Ellin Raduan said...

Hi Toots,
Yes! I do love her too.... the way she adorn her hijab is basically the right way how we should keep it.
"Hendaklah mereka (perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi dada-dada mereka”. (An-Nur : 31).

“Hai Nabi, katakanlah kepada insteri-isterimu, anak-anakmu dan isteri-isteri orang mukmin: Hendaklah mereka menghulurkan (melabuhkan) jilbabnya (tudung kepala yang labuh menutupi dada) ke tubuh mereka. Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah dikenal dan tidak diganggu. Dan ALLAH adalah Maha Pengampun Lagi Maha Penyayang”. (Surah al-Ahzaab: 59)


Together, let’s strive to be a better muslimah Toots. Ukhwah fillah :)

Ha-knee said...

assalamualaikum toots! Im a new silent reader..hehe
Btw,shes from Akademi fantasia...Im not sure which AF season, but apparently shes a singer and high school* teacher.*correct me if im wrong

z a w a n i b a d r i said...

have u seen her hijab collection? :) u can check her fb fanpage :)

Mia Suci said...

heliza helmi. she's pretty inside n outside..u also look so pretty in hijab..

Suria said...

Hi Toots. You should see Wardina Safiya blog. I love the way she teach her daughter and son and a she is very good wife.