Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Akhirah Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Suhaib Webb is the bomb, man! 

Never have I ever seen an overflowing of people like I did yesterday. People just kept coming, and there wasn’t a single space on the floor unless someone was seated on it.  It was amazing, masyaAllah (and a little hot too, hehe) – may Allah reward everyone greatly for  it J

I can see what’s the attraction in this man - he raps, he recites the Quran, he jokes about 50cents, and reminisce on the Prophet days. He is soo easygoing and funny, he got me hooked with a smile on my face most of the time! He kicked off the topic on Hereafter by quoting the following:

“You will hardly find a page in the Al-Quran, unless the Hereafter is mentioned in it.” 

SubhanAllah. On almost every flip of the Quran there is a reminder of the hereafter. Allah knows that we are grandmas and grandpas, that an hour of Gossip Girl is all it takes to change our mind from donning the hijab. So He reminds us, time and time again of our main objective in life which is to succeed in the Hereafter. We can have many objectives in life - to be wealthy, to get rid of those cellulites (yes, we all have them, thanks!) but do not forget that every objective in life is also our vehicle to the Hereafter. So make our life work for the hereafter. Because 50 years of driving a Ferrari is peanuts compared to a lifetime of Jannah or Jahannam.

And then Suhaib Webb elaborated on the power of Al-Quran.

Imagine this : So powerful were the words of our Rabb that they were able to spread love and mercy to the most oppressive society at that time - a society that buries their own babies alive! Sadly today, we showed little interest in The Book our Prophet (PBUH) lived and died for. We recite His words without understanding them, we gripped to age old ideas and developed a fear for asking questions. We argue based on our ignorance and let our arrogance get the better of us. We are we groomed to be better scientist, doctors, accountant…but a better muslim does not necessarily come along. Allahu musta'an.

It’s not too late to balance, improve and inspire others :)

Be like the Prophet, who was so generous to everyone that even the disbelievers were full of praises of him. Be like the ummah during the Prophet’s days – who were active in seeking knowledge and was not afraid to challenge and ask questions - even to the Messenger of Allah. Be not afraid and timid of change, instead let your creativity fosters in it, and let Islam be the leader of change.

But let's face it, life in this era is not easy. The prophet and us are more than 1400 years apart and not a day passed by without new challenges seeping in. Today, five minutes of E!News is enough to shake a weak Iman. 

In all cases, have faith that Allah is near, that our relationship with our Rabb is close and intimate. Be on the straight path and when you feel the struggle gets tough, keep your eyes on the prize of Jannah. Remember the reward for trying to please Allah - is a promise of ease by Allah Himself. Suhaib Webb reminded that in today's term, this is Allah telling us - "If you have tried your best to be a practicing muslim, don’t worry of the results - Allah has got your back on this one." MasyaAllah.

At the end of the talk I felt so, truly inspired. I remember feeling “That’s it, this is Islam! It is not here to inject fear, but instead it inspires hope.” Suhaib Webb's advice to overcome Akhirah Deficit Disorder:

1. Take baby steps to be a better muslim. Even a micro-improvement counts in the eyes of Allah
2. Befriend good people. There is a saying that dogs can be better than human beings so choose your friends wisely lest go buy yourself a puppy and hide in your room, hehe.
3. Balance your life. At least once a week, attend Islamic event. Don’t just read blogs and discuss with random facebook friends. Buy authentic books, ask questions and discuss with the learned ones – seek answers, don’t just create confusions!
4. Be good to your parents, especially your mom. Truly, there is a world of barakah in a parent-children relationship.
5. Be good to others. Rightful knowledge not just makes you a better servant  to Allah but also a better person to your surroundings.
6. More importantly, be proactive in learning the Quran and Hadith, because this is the only authentic treasures of the Prophet that is still here to this very day.

Lastly he said something that hits very close to my heart.The words were a little different but the message I hope is still the same. I leave you with the passage below:

“We all have our sins. Sins of the past, sin of the future and even sins of today. Most of the time, we look back on our past and feel like our sins have “tainted” us. But our sins could also turn to be the reason for us to wake up at night and submit ourselves to Allah. Our sins could be the reason behind the tears that streamed down our face at night. And at the end of the day, these sincere tears could help us in the hereafter….maybe even more so than all our good deeds put together.”

Allah will not give up on you, no matter how dark your past is. So do yourself justice and don't give up on yourself :)


Anne said...

Alhamdulillah. Thank you for sharing this, especially with us who did not attend the talk. May you always be in Allah's blessing :)

purplelurve said...

good one Toots! Saw u and Vivy, and u were sooo serious.. hehe concentrating i guess.

Toots said...

No worries Anne, may we all be under His blessings insyaAllah.

Hi PL! You know, my colleagues keep telling me how funny I look when I concentrate on something - apparently, it's like this really serious, bitter, frowning face...hahaha,I dont wanna see me man! Next time you see that face, gimme a pat on the back and remind me to smile, will ya? :)

farhana said...

Thanks for this post Toots!
I luv it. Allah is near to us, even sometimes we so far away from Him.

husnabanana said...

Such a beautiful reminder!tq so much. I qoute your words on my blog. Huhu Those beautiful words that may inspiring thus motivating people to work hard in practising ad-deen lessons.

Toots said...

Alhamdulillah, all good things come from Allah :)

ummufurqan said...

The video is already up at youtube for those who missed it :)