Friday, September 2, 2011

An Exceptional Woman


tireless mom said...

salam dear! i wish dat i can b dat exceptional women...aminnn!

msApple said...

tak tau laa macam mana nak cakap... tp you inspired me somehow to be a better person. :)

petite girl said...

Dear Toots, to be honest I knew you since former school, i mean our former're my senior! haha.hint: the school moved from KL to an isolated place and my batch was the first

anyway,I bet you dont really know me since well you're my senior but i found your blog from my friend's blog and reading it till now. interesting!and and and you're becoming prettier! jealous. keep blogging senior! i mean Toots!haha. take care.

happy for you that Ramadhan this year is better for you. either you're not wearing it or you're, you're still the same. loves.

Toots said...

Hi PG, yeahh I sort of realized you were one of my juniors in high school in your earlier comments but for the life of me I have noo idea why i'm so bad at remembering u guys punya sorry!! But thanks very much though for the kind words! All good thing comes from Allah, and may all the praises be to Him :)

TM, I pray that we both can be the exceptional women, ameen!

MsApple, the words inspire me - I'd be very happy if they could inspire others too :)