Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dedicated to You

To the girl who practices patience in her everyday life,
To the girl who controls her temper, and guards her words,
To the girl who gives out sincere smile to strangers,
To the girl who brightens another person's life with her loving nature,
To the girl who has taken the wonderful step to cover herself in hijab,
To the girl who prays she will be given the strength to start donning the hijab,
To the girl who supports her friends for donning the hijab,
To any girl who wakes up wanting to be a better person today, than she was yesterday
And to anyone who does even an atom of goodness with a sincere heart,
To each and everyone of you,
Just remember:

In Jannah are things:
An eye has never seen,
An ear has never heard, 
A mind can’t even imagine.
(Hadith Sahih Bukhari)

A mind can't even imagine, MasyaAllah. Those beautiful mansions we wish were ours, the perfect fairytale wedding that we have dreamed of since we were small, the handbag(s) we drooled over - nothing compares to the ultimate reward of Jannah. I hope these short lines will inspire you to do good as it did me :)



Anonymous said...

MasyaAllah beautifully written.


May all of us be under His blessings and guidance always.

Coffee Mama said...

Insyaallah...Hoping all of us will be a better muslim..

Anonymous said...


i could never thank enough to Allah for beautiful people He created like u... may there many more out there to inspire me and others, tootsie!!