Friday, September 23, 2011

Bloss "Surprise" Birthday Dinner

My dear Sarah turned a year older yesterday! Iyra was in Singapore on a business trip, so I gladly took up the role to prepare for Sarah's surprise birthday dinner.

I am not exactly the best party planner in town. Last year, on a good friend's birthday, I emailed all my friends in the office to gather at the pantry to surprise her and accidentally included the birthday girl in the mailing list :P Two minutes later I got an email from her (Cc to everyone, no less!) asking if she should come join the crowd too -________-"

So I was extra careful this time around, and everything was on track...until the day arrived and Sarah said she couldn't confirm her attendance! *tears hair out* Everyone tried to persuade her to come but her reply remained the same, "Too much work babe, I really can't promise - it's all up to the boss!" At this point I honestly feel like driving to her office to strangle this boss, hehe.

Two hours before the dinner, she was still being a drama queen so I put my foot down.

Me : You have to come, Sar! I have big news to announce and trust me, you want to be there!
Sar: Oh my God, you're getting MARRIED?!!?!
Me: Yeah. Coz OBVIOUSLY, I'm 5 weeks preggy with my non existent boyfriend! Pffft. JUST COME!
Sar: You know I'd love to, but my work is killingggg me. I haven't had proper rest in days!
..........(5 minutes of silence)..............
Impatient Me : Okay fine. I HATEEEE to do this but you're being too impossible and I have no time for this, so here goes - We're celebrating your birthday dinner! COME. Bye!

HAHAHHAHA. I'm the worst party planner ever, friends would pay NOT to have me as their party planner! Despite the mini drama, everything turned out great. She came much later than everyone else, but that gave me enough time to buy her birthday cake, her giant birthday card, and prepare some table topic games!
Baskin Robin Ice Cream Cake, Yummy!
Table topic game!
As Sarah's awesome friends, we got most of our answers wrong during the table topic session hehe..except for Munir, who seemed to be Sarah's walking diary! I also got everyone to fill up a form on "What I like Most about Sarah" and "Our most Memorable Moment together"...I imagined it would be a personal gift she would treasure, but the boys ruined my plan because their answers were no where near sweet! Nothing beats Erol's award winning answers though:
The birthday girl was truly surprised to see that there were more than the usual four girls there! (So there was still an element of surprise, alright! Hehe). And then, of course the customary picture taking session took place.
Hands down, the weirdest picture of the night! LOL
Sar, I hope you had a great birthday! I've watched you went through so much in these two years and I only pray for good things to come your way because you have such a big heart and you deserve all the happiness the world has to offer and so much more! :) Love you mucho my dear Blossy! <3



Anonymous said...

"it's the THOUGHT that COUNTS" no matter how bad u are in giving a surprise ;o)

Toots said...

Thank you :)

petite girl said...

hahahaha. that's hilarioussss!