Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ask Me Anything!

Yup, I've succumbed once more to the idea of anonymity!
You can ask me anything and review the questions/answers by clicking the Ask-Me-Anything box on the right hand side of the blog or at the subheader of this blog. It's quite funny the random questions people tend to ask you, really! Hehe. I will tryyyy to post all answers to my blog, although its a little too late for some of the earlier questions (Sorry, early birds!)

You thinkkkkk you can sit back and just have fun reading my blog? Nay, mayte!! We're co-hosting this blog together now, you and I! =) 

On a totally separate note, please pray I'll breeze through my Advanced Taxation exams this Tuesday? God knows how much prayers and good luck I'll need to breeze through this, hehe.

Mohon dipermudahkan semuanya, for me and for you in everything that we do InsyaAllah :)


Faarahh said...

all the best toots! Remember DUIT



Anonymous said...

I pray you will pass with FLYING COLOURS!!!!!!

Wish i could lepas my CPA too successfully! Allah help us, ameen...

Dun stress2 toots! u can do it!! Go TooTsie!!! (cheering =P)


Rine Aziz said...

Hi Toots...all the best to u..everybody knows u can do it girl :)

fara said...

“Rabbuna yassir wa la tu’assir"

[Allahumma najihna fi hazal imtihan wa fi dunia wal akhirah]

all the best Toots! my finals in 2weeks time as well. may He be by our side always ;)

Toots said...

Thank u farah, angel, rine and fara!!! Finally I can breathe a little hehe...and fara praying you will pull through exams with flying colors insyaAllah...thank for the du'a ya?