Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ask Me Anything Part 2

Okayyy, so I freaked out a little!
Hehe, no lah, I kid :)

Actually, I really, really enjoy answering your questions and you can never imagine how much your support, du'a and kind words mean to me. In this past 2 weeks, I felt more connected with my readers than I've ever been in the past two years that I've been blogging. Somehow you made blogging felt purposeful and more importantly, the purpose suits me and it felt right :)

Your prayers inspire me to be better, your random questions made me laugh, your crisis reminded me of my own weaknesses and the advice I tried to give you is also an advice I could give to myself. It was a great, win-win situation.

But I have to admit the volume surprised me a little (I mean seriously, where have you guys been all this while?? Haha). I felt too small next to your kind praises, and some questions were more challenging than others. A part of me acknowledges my lack of knowledge and imperfections, and I realized there is always a possibility that I may give an advice that isn't quite right. In all honesty, this intimidates me a little - especially when I feel unqualified to answer some questions. 

Hence the change of layout :)

I have moved the Ask Me Anything questions and answers to a separate tab on the blog's sub-header above, so that you could still post questions and access the answers via my blog :) Please don't shy away from asking questions because I loveeeee responding to all of them! I just felt my answers were getting too much "limelight" by being on the main page and they don't deserve the "superstar seat" they were previously on, hehe.

Plus, the Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder side of me loves this new change. It feels less rojak and more systematic.

I can be really pathetic sometimes!

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Anonymous said...

All i could say - bravo and applause to your parents for successfully bringing u up in the most perfect way..full of humbleness and gratitude!

Bravo to u too, tootsie! Pray you nothing but the best thing that Allah could give.