Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Together

Eid Mubarak dear readers! May Allah accept our deeds in the holy month, 
and may He bless us with many more Ramadhans to come, insyaAllahh :)
via BeautifulPatience
Personal favorite part of Hari Raya :)
And to my fellow countrymen, Happy Independence Day!!

Just thought I'd let you guys know that in conjunction with the Independence Day, Prince Court Medical Centre has produced a video entitled "We're Together" which is going to be aired over Astro Channel 318 (MyMusic) from August 31st to September 16th. And the best part is it's 100% composed, prepared and acted by our very own talented staff (not yours truly obviously, my music teacher used to isolate me at the back of the class -  she  was smart to give up on me hehe). And if you have an eagle's eyes, you'd be able to spot a veeeeerry tiny weeny (pixelated!) me at the end of the video.

....and that's as far as I can go in the music industry, LOL.

"Embrace each other, we can go far,
United colors, the stronger we are,
It's time to reach out for the star,
It's time to show the world who we are."

Let the strength we built in Ramadhan fuel the spirit of our double celebration this year!


petite girl said...

interesting. you should sing! cant find you in the video.ohmy.poor vision of mine.

Toots said...

oh PG you're too nice. I've TRIED singing, trust me! Just that it doesn't quite sound like a song anymore when I did it :P

Dont worry even those with good vision wont be able to spot me. You need an eagle's eyes! LOL.

Jazica Albek said...

toots dah pakai tudung? :D

Miss Aida said...

Selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin! May this year still be awesome despite having some family away for the long haul. Just think about it how time flies. :)

Toots said...

JA : Yezza! :)

Thanks Aida, Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin too!

ina said...

toots youre SO pretty with tudung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mcm bertambah tambah tambah tambah seri. :)))

Toots said...

wah, banyakk nyaa seri saya - macam torchlight dah...haha...thank you Ina :)