Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yana's Bachelorette

Time has a way of passing you by without you realizing it. One second you're in your pajamas eating ice creams, doing homework with schoolmates, and the next thing you know one of you is getting married!

A dear friend of mine got married yesterday.So about two weeks ago, we held a Bachelorette party for the then, yummy bride to be. I had to drive alllll the way to Glenmarie Cove, Klang (that's going down Toots Guinness Book of Record all right!), but whats an hour drive compared to eleven years of friendship right?

The girls went full force to transform the house into a red and black Bachelorette party. I spent hours looking for a red top only to arrive to a group of girls wearing anything but red. Pffft.

 If you haven't notice it already, we had 18SX nicknames for everyone that night and they were hillllaaarioussssss. It was compulsory to use nicknames for one night so imagine me  going "Hey masturbater, what's for dinner tonight?" LOL

Spot my nickname!

And because it was a surprise party, we had to "blindfold" the bride to be all the way to Klang. So this was what she looked like when she arrived:

It was amazing fun just being around each other, reminiscing on our highschool days. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and had so much fun with the bunch of them - it was as if we never grow up! Highlight of the night came when we gave a round-the-table toast to the bride to be, recalling some of our best memories together through endless laughter and inevitable tears.

Unfortunately, what happened in Glenmarie Cove stays in Glenmarie Cove. Suffice to say, what followed next were good food, even better games, and the ultimate bonding session - suddenly it was high school all over again!

 Last night, for the solemnization we all came as instructed - in purple with scarves and we were all sooo, so anxious for her (except for Hana, who was more interested on the bride's dress -__-). When the akad happened, some shed tears more than the rest but ultimately we were all very happy for her :)

So Yana, if you're reading this, here's us wishing you dear girlfriend all the love, happiness and blessings the world has to offer!



hawe said...

jiejottt! br excited nk tgk yana's akad attire last night. u pn xde. ceh. i'm surprised nobody's uploading it yesterday. hahahahha! amek gamba byk2 tonite!!

dannyism said...

did you guys set this all up yourself?? it's nice!!!

dorrysweetie said...

d mask is cute..hehe

Toots said...

yeah they set the place up rajin right! I wasn't part of the planning team, too lazy..haha..

haw: kiterang duk kat luar, was more interested with ourselves than the bride hahahahah