Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Perfect House

I definitely have a thing for wallpaper. I can imagine going wallpaper crazy with my new, non-existent home. Pink here, green there, yellow here, flowers everywhere- huuuuuuge indecisiveness issue! 

But in all honesty I can't imagine going crazy over house designs. When I think of the ideal future house, the image that always springs to mind is a simple off-white house, with wrought iron balcony and tall green trees.

And look what I found recently:

The Perfect House!
I know I know....There's nothing low key about this house. It has luxury and class written all over it! But it's the idea that captures me. I can imagine a budget version of this house, with half the land size, and a quarter (if not one tenth) of the budget size, hehe. In my dream, I imagine going Kate-William at the main balcony, waving to our non existent crowd *princess waves*

And, with a bedroom as pretty as this, I would probably spend half of my day just being in my bedroom, smiling broadly at my wallpaper,hahaha...Obviously I have huge growing up issues with a bedroom as pinkish and as feminine as this!

But of course these are just daydreams and wishes.

Here in KL, properties are so expensive I couldn't even imagine buying a fancy apartment - what more a bungalow with spacious land/garden. I would probably be indebted for life! 

Sometimes I really wonder how do our parents do it, how were they able to provide so much? It's not even about building pretty homes anymore. Just the idea of growing a family, providing for them - so much responsibilities that are honestly foreign to me right now.

Of course, building a life together from scratch is not easy. But I suppose if you do it right, and you keep your loving spirit and patience in tact, everyday can be blissful in its own way - regardless if you're living in a mansion, or a modest hut (:


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dannyism said...

love it! esp the idea of having pinkish room =)