Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toots Grey

Just last month, we had a mock disaster drill  to prepare for external disasters. This time around the scenario was such that there was a massive accident at the city center, and the casualties/victims were quickly sent to our hospital.

I went to watch the drill....and ended up being one of the actors!!

My role
I thought it was going to be easy breezy, you know just act all sick and helpless and needy - girls are brilliant at that! Hahah....I even had my script ready in my head - I wanted to be the impossible patient with so much complaints and grief. (Might as well give them the worst case scenario, right?)

 But when the whole thing started, I was just so shocked and dazed to see first hand what it was like to be in an emergency situation! From the moment the ambulance arrived, everything just happened in a blink of an eye and I just freezed and ternganga like that.

Gone were my scripts and imaginations - obviously not my proudest moment!

Some patients were calm and collected after being treated...

Some just never know when to stop acting.....


I had soooo much fun at the drill! It was nothing like our usual, corporate fire alarm drill where people move out the buildings like robots. This one actually felt pretty REAL. It was the closest I've ever been to being Meredith Grey.....or in this case, her patient! Heheh

For a moment I thought what it was like to be a doctor who deals with life and death scenarios. 

The amount of pressure on their shoulders and the ultimate satisfaction of being able to save lives. It is a career I could never imagine myself living. I mean, we could afford to make mistakes in the office, in our proposals, in our investments, but a mistake in the hospital could cost lives *shivers*

Obviously I'm not cut to be a doctor, but I have soooo many friends in that industry and I'm very proud of them. Nada, Yan, Dr Fit just to name a few - you guys do me proud :)


petite girl said...

omygoddddd that's an awesome drill you haddddd!you should try doing cpr and compressions.not easy as it looks! believe me

Fitri Ezwan said...

Salam Ajjie,

Lol-ed at the second last picture =)

I saw my name! haha, thanks Ajjie..

Nada said...

I tersedak jap nampak my name there. Thanks Ajjie. What you do is amazing too - running a hospital/business coz I know it's NOT easy.

I hope your role playing session went well. You didn't giggle throughout did you?

Toots said...

Nada: You know me too well! HAHAHAH