Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Times Like This

As chatty and bubbly as I can be, sometimes it feels easier to sit back and conceal a part of my emotion from others. And it seems that of late, the struggle to not be able to fully express my emotion became a little....unbearable. 

So this Father's Day, I gave my dad the best "present" I could ever give him - I gave him all my problems :p

He just reached home from outstation that evening, and he was sitting quietly at the living room reading the news,looking slightly tired from the flight home. I slowly made my way to him, hugged him and wished him Happy Father's Day.

And just as he was about to thank me and go back to his reading - I broke down and cried in his arms. Tears just flew down my face like waterfall and I was pretty sure I shocked him with my little drama Queen moment. Hehe. Before I knew it, I told him of all my worries through my chokes and tears.

I didn't expect to tell him so much, but it was then - right that moment when I was in his warm embrace that I felt safe and unjudged, and that I could pour everything....and I did.

And I'm glad I did.

In his soothing demeanor, he calms me down. He told me not to loose hope, and that life without its lows and troughs is a life not worth living. He told me that in every hardship there is blessing and he said all that while I sob and cry like a five year old in his arms.

He probably used all the cliche lines in the world and yet, who would have thought that those words were exactly what I needed to hear :)

Time and time again, a moment like this would remind me that no matter how far I go in life, no matter how much older and more mature I've become, my father will always be my pillar of strength. 

It reminds me that a father's love is often silent yet strong, unexpressed but felt greatest at times like this.


petite girl said...

glad that you let everything out. happy father's day!

Puteri Nuur At-Terawis said...

i wish i still have Aboh with me :'( hargai papa selagi masih ada.

Kauthar said...

oh my..i'm touched..i can't imagine my life without my baba..

Toots said...

Thanks Kak Su, insyaAllah Aboh di tempat yg lebih baik..teruskan berdoa untuk aboh k....

dyn said...


Anonymous said...

What do you mean?

Shasha said...

owh..ur so lucky that ur dad is always be there for u..