Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pre Loved Saga


Selling 130 items in 3 days on your own is NOT advisable my friends. Don’t be like me - perasan I have superpowers when obviously, I don’t! There were no secret hands, no wind beneath the wings, no underlying power – nehi nehi. What you will have though, are unsightly eyebags….and loads and loads of emails to reply! Hehe.

But despite all that, these past few days have been a great experience. I am definitely a sucker for good bargains and I get super excited when I see one. Now I can safely testify that being able to offer a good bargain and make people happy is almost as good a feeling – if not better!

There were some small gestures that count too (:

A customer gave me a little gift when picking up her order (thank you so much Beep!) and a few customers gave me tips on IT, post and delivery - very helpful bunch of people. Then of course there were free labors around i.e. my sisters who helped me with the orders and show their support by watching TV while I struggle with HTML -_-

My little cousins came all the way from Pahang for a weekend visit and obviously I haddd to exploit them too. (How else do you think I was able to sell at such low prices? Child labor, ma man!)

The highlight was when I got orders all the way from Sabah and Brunei - Excites me so much that my pre loved items will be traveling the milesss to their new owners (Should probably include a sleeping kit for their traveling comfort, hehe).

Some of you have queried if I will be selling more of my preloved items online, and the short answer to that is…yes, I will.

I stopped halfway last weekend because I was too exhausted to continue -__-

Having said that, I have no intention of setting up a blog shop – occasionally I will post new pre-loved items that will be on sale. It won’t be frequent or regular but you can subscribe for email updates and be notified accordingly – the wonders of technology!

My sister who just got back from UK for good wants to sell most of her Dorothy Perkins accessories – so I guess that will be next. I ran through some of her stuff and fell in love with most of her accessories so I grabbed them before any of you could! Hehe. The accessories will only be up next Friday because this weekend, I’m taking a break to attend the awesomest Malaysian FA Final - KELANTAN Vs TERENGGANU!

Time to roar my countrystatemen!



petite girl said...

that child labour part is hilarious!

wow,you really have that state spirit!haha

Anonymous said...

gomo klate gomo! sorok sedak dehh! can you understand this? ;) haha

Fatunk Lolita said...

Yup..nice doing business with u dear..u made my day..Thanks dear..Will be waiting for more stuffs u would offer..hehe..yup, have a great weekend and enjoy the match=)
Gomo Kelate Gomo.. The Red Warriors gonna WIN..hihi.

beep said...

hi darl....
tis is beep...u didnt mention u wanna watch the football match...hehehe next time i give u free tix ya....

Toots said...

Anon : sorok seriya doh, tok mene jugok hahaha

Thanks Fatunk, nice doing business with u too.

Beep, you're going to regret making that offer - we kelantanese fight for our life to get the football tickets!! Hehehe