Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World's Best Fireman

When we were small, my sisters and I wanted to marry the Prince of Brunei. 

I then became a huge follower of Power Rangers and wanted to be an Iron lady. As I grew up, I finally started thinking like a human and aspired to be a teacher. But one thing led to another and in all honesty, the ideas of big dreams and big cash became more and more appealing.

I suppose at some point in our life, we will come to a junction thinking whether to go corporate or entrepreneur. It takes a lot of guts, and even more commitment and motivation to build something of your own thing from scratch and I truly admire those with the determination to make it happen - my best friend is one of them.

But being in a corporate world and starting from the bottom of the food chain is not any easier too, and I'm sure many of us could attest to that. How many times you feel like smacking Monday Blues right on the face when it comes haunting? 

Lets not even get started on the office politics -_______-"

About three years ago, I participated in a homestay program in Negeri Sembilan. We had so much fun living the downtown life, playing traditional games (boys and girls, you may now bow to World's Greatest Galah Panjang Guru =D), doing gotong royong, learning traditional music and dances.

During our group talk with the kids, they shared with me and my friends of their ambitions - mostly to be policemen, firemen and teachers so that they could help the community. I asked them would they be interested to be engineers, accountants or scientist and most of them shook their heads firmly.

I asked, "Why not?"

A boy stood up and told me how could anything be better than wanting to be the best fireman in the history of Negeri Sembilan?

I learned one of life's biggest lesson then.

The important thing is not what you do, but to be the best at what you're doing. 

Better to be the best fireman in the country than to be a slacking accountant or even worse, an immoral businessman. Plus, how can you compare a dedicated mother to any other job in the world?

Thanks to the boy who stood up and told me of his aspiration, I am now pursuing one the highest qualification I can get in my area of study too. Although at this point, after dedicating almost two decades of our life for studying I think we should allllll get professional qualification for studying so long - Certified Student. Royal Chartered Learner of The World or something!

Entrepreneurial area is definitely an option. But for now, with my limited capacity, I know I can perform my best by contributing to the corporate sector and completing my professional qualification first. Who knows post marriage, I might be happy being a housewife heheh.

What about you guys?
Corporate/Business/Family first?

Third option is so tempting isn't it ;)



petite girl said...

aww.that's boy is very cute.true enough.our potential is extremely important.i would say most girls would agree to put family first.i mean, being a housewife.but when reality kicks in in terms of financial for example, then business is important for long term financial security.

can i ask something, in terms of medicine or engineering, is that under corporate or entre. ? haha thought of it suddenly.

i went for a charity work in Gulau, Kedah and one bright boy wanted to be a teacher.I said why not doctor,engineer, accountant because I knew he has the potential. He never went out of Kedah.Poor him.

Fitri Ezwan said...


IMHO, family first. =)

Dalam plan jangka panjang famili ada kewangan, karier dan sebagainya.

oh ya, rasanya 'first' kurang sesuai.yg lebih tepat adalah, keluarga ialah nukleus...

sebab, kadang-kadang, prioriti adalah mengikut keadaan semasa. boleh jadi, buat masa sekarang, karier lagi utama.

tapi, semuanya bertunjangkan utk kesejahteraan keluarga.

2 sen dari fitri. =)

nb: apsal adik aku nak jadi ahli bomba jgk eh?? pengaruh fireman sam kot

Anonymous said...

1st - fulltime housewife
2nd - fulltime housewife
3rd - fulltime housewife

but currently i am an accountant in govt sector.. huh...

Toots said...

Petite girl:by corporate I meant being employed and by entrepreneur I meant to say starting our own business...sorry for the confusion hehe

Dr fit - couldn't have said it any better, good one!

Anon: I hope ure 4th option is accountant hehehhehehe

Miss Aida said...

LOL. I think our needs change.

Best option would have flexibility - to spend longer hours with a family, but still work, like working from home.

Miasuraya said...

In between corporate and business, I chose to go corporate (and unrelated field pulak tu). I'm sure people have different needs and perceptions, I just think being a corporate warrior is cool. And learning about the banking sectors teaches me a lot of valuable things for life haha!

Bonus points for lack of office politics in mine.

I think family is another matter though. Nucleus, yes.

portem said...



Toots said...

Aida: flexibility is definitely one of the most important thing to consider!

Mia: corporate warrior sounds uber cool!

Portem: where u at now, all of the above? Hehe

Portem said...

still in phd,another (7or8or9or....) month to go.

++no life,no gelpren and definit no wife.

god help me!