Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prince Court Medical Centre

I realized I rarely talk about my workplace. I suppose a huge chunk of my life is about working that I prefer to talk about something else when it comes to blogging. I swear I don't do drugs or anything illegal guys, dont worry! :P Lets make a formal introduction, once and for all *clears throat*

Hello everyone, my best friend calls me Toots! *waves hand*

I work as a Finance Executive for PETRONAS, Malaysia's very own Oil and Gas giant and was once privileged to tell the world that the Twin Towers were my playground. Recently, I was seconded by PETRONAS to their wholly owned, one and only boutique hospital - Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC) for a year to assist them on project basis. I didn't know what to expect because to be honest the chances of an executive in an Oil and Gas industry to be seconded to Prince Court hospital is as good as never, and yet there I was with my little miracle.

I had no idea what was in store for me, so my dear friends told me to just walk in on my first day in Nurse attire....Very funny! Pffft.
I'm sure they meant something a LOT sexier than this! -_____-
With my little financial and accounting background I stormed into the healthcare industry and the next thing I know I was thrown into Business Re-engineering, Process Improvement, Pricing Analysis and everything but accounting.

From the usual corporate office that I was used to, I said hello to hospital environment, and got used to seeing people in wheelchairs as oppose to suits. Once, I did a ward round at the Labor room and ICU and went home pale as a ghost....

Seeing really sick people, life and death was honestly a totally different world for me.

I came to realize, being in a smaller outfit definitely gives me a bigger chance to learn as I'm involved in a bigger portion of the business. The decisions that I get to make are decisions which I could never dream of making at PETRONAS and for that, I am grateful for this rare experience that came knocking on my door.

Being a person with an eye for interior design (hehe), I couldn't help but to be impressed with the hospital design concept when I first walked in.....
Hard to miss this impeccable building along Tun Razak Road
The Lobby - yes, you can hate me for being in a hospital as beautiful as this hehe
View from 6th Floor - The seating lounge/black carpet area
If you want to have a closer look at this boutique hospital, you can check out our online virtual tour. You will see that we have rooms facing the Twin Towers too - hugeee plus point apparently for our international patients!

When I first came in, I thought everything must cost a bomb here, considering its state of the art building and facilities. Being involved in the pricing team, I'm surprised and happy to tell you that some services that we offer are cheaper and more affordable than other hospitals. Undoubtedly, there are areas that we specialize in and charge higher premiums for, especially in robotics surgery.  My advice is to make sure you get your price quotation prior to choosing a hospital.

If you're interested in making an appointment (we could have coffee too after! Hehe) you can always visit the newly revamped website, or alternatively email

So I guess that's an introductory (and a little marketing, hehe) into my latest working environment.

To be honest, while growing up and pursuing my professional qualification, I never thought I would be working in a hospital some day. But life has a funny way of splashing surprises down your way and making you come out of it, a better person :)


Note : Prince Court Medical Centre is strategically located at 39, Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.The Malaysian hotline to dial is 1-800-88-PCMC while International Hotline is +603-2160 0000. For any inquiries you can email


petite girl said...

my dream hospital to work! but of course as a doctor.haha

Toots said...

Hahhaa. Yesss, they are our super bosses here!!

Nora said...


Anyways Toots,if u dont mind, what did u study for ur degree? Accounting and Finance? I always thought u're an Econs major. Hehe

hawe said...

lol d end your post sounded as if you're paid to promote them.haha!oi rindu!

Toots said...

Yeah, I read accounting and finance at Melbourne Uni...Econs was just my minor, but I've always thought it's the most interesting among the 3!

Hawe, ye keeee?? Cehhhh, I was hoping to come across as 'professional' hahahahahaha...

yana said...

i have always wanted to work in a hospital. too bad my major is not even related to medic. lucky you to have such experience. :)

dannyism said...

i know that I am just a reader of your blog (avid reader *wink*) and you don't know me but i just couldn't stop but being proud of u! :)

Toots said...

Yana, you'd be surprised that there are a lot of opportunities in hospital besides medic

dannyism you're too sweet, I'm just at the bottom of the food chain like many other fresh grads hehe

petite girl said...

owh doctors are the bosses there? during my hospital attachment, the surgeon i was shadowing was like : why you want to become a doctor?see, i have to follow everything by the admin!

haha.the surgeon made me to think.hilarious though!

Kuey san said...

I work in private hospital too!

and yes, the doctors are the bosses (plus the patients, as well!)

Patients = Clients = Private Hospitals

Happy working, Toots \(^o^)/

ps: Prince Court = Ritz

Coffee Mama said...

I never like hospital. I've once have a job assignment in a hospital and my work place is the same level with the mortuary!Fuhhh

shera said...

hey,agreed with ur comment

"you'd be surprised that there are a lot of opportunities in hospital besides medic"

P.s bila central bank nak ada hospital sendiri pulak. LOL