Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mother's Love

If there is one person who would never stop loving us - that would be our mom. The start of our relationship with our mother is already so special - they risked their lives to bring us into this world. Dare we ask for a greater start?

My mother, is nothing less than spectacular.

When we were infants, she would sit at home and sew identical clothes for us girls. 
Wa and Along in their identical dresses
When we entered primary school, my mom would read our textbooks and make hand written exam questions for us to practice. On exam day, from the start I walked in into the exam hall until the moment I walked out - my mother would not leave her prayer mat. She would wake up at 4am everyday without fail to pray for her husband's health, her children's success and for everyone who has showered her with kindness. 

When my sisters left for UK to further their studies, I would sometimes see her walk into their bedrooms to cry. My dad would come in to hug her, and she would just sob in his arms

"I miss them so much," she would say.

Truly, there is no love quite like a mother's love.

This mother's day we brought the queen of our heart to Star Hill for her favorite Dim Sum servings. 
We told her that we love her and that she could order anything under the sun for dinner. Clearly she understood us because she ordered shark fin soup and King Prawn....for everyone. When the bill came, my eyeballs went rolling on the floor. (Seriouslyy, what are king prawns made of...gold????)

As much as I love her, I couldn't afford the dinner, so we had to split the bills among us three. Heheh.

I would leave a special message here for my mom, but she's too cool for the cyber world hehe so this post only goes to  remind myself what an amazing soul my mother is. Hopefully, I would be able to take care of her with as much love as she did me.

Happy Mothers Day, to all the great women privileged enough to celebrate this special occasion.



hawe said...

wahahha!ur parents pn dh kne censored eh?i guess it's for d best before u get condemned 'again'.such hater.pfft!anyway baju ur mum cantik!don't worry, it's nice on u too. ;)

Toots said...

Its best not to be linked to anyone hehe. Eh, kantoi I pinjam baju my mom on my birthday kan! Hahahahaha

silent reader said...

your mum must be proud of you guys..seeing each of her kids achievement in their life and happily married =)

Miasuraya said...

"Make hand written exams for us to study"

I really like your mom :D

wiraputih said...

hey where's the true neighbour's love story???

Kauthar said...

i'm touched n got teary eyes here :D
kirim salam kat mak u ye..