Monday, May 2, 2011

Bubs Turned Two!

It was Bub's birthday yesterday so Bloss and I put on our Puffies cap and planned a surprise for her.

Poor birthday girl was bogged down with exam fever so we really had to be careful to plan her surprise. The idea was to invite her to a birthday dinner at her favorite French restaurant, Le Bouchon and surprise her an hour earlier at her house with the birthday cake. Another surprise element was that all us girls will be wearing gold dress with milkmaid braids because, wellll...we like to look pretty! Hehe. 

Everything was going fine, until just an hour before the surprise, Bubs messaged us that she's all set and ready to go to the saloon to do her hair. "Will be going straight from Gardens, see you girls there!!!!!"


Bloss and I were frantically BBM-ing each other not knowing what to do. So Bloss quickly revised the plan and got us to surprise her at Gardens Entrance insteaddd. Much to our surprise, the birthday girl was modestly dressed in a simple black dress while Bloss, Aida and I walked out of the car, feeling like true Datins!

 At Le Bouchon, DD and Diana were already there waiting for us girls. I just lovvvvove how small and cozy the restaurant is. The wall's  filled with their Best Restaurant awards from everywhere - such an overachiever for a small restaurant, I like! =D

How pretty is our birthday girl here? :)
Bloss, Bubs and I were really looking forward to this Dinner because it has been 2 years since we last went there together!! They have this amazing 5 course fine dining set for only RM88.00 and the food was to die for. So imagine our reaction when we opened the menu and the budget set meal was no longer there!!!!

I swear I saw Bloss swallowed hard, hahahhh.

My favorite dish was definitely Escargots de Bourgogne aux épinards or, in our language Le Escargot Le Sedap Le Sangat heheh. It just seriously melts in your mouth *drool*

Le Bouchon offers fantastic French fine dining food but dear God it takes forever to get our meal and I was getting very impatient. Apparently according to Dd, it works for the French because they usually enjoy different stages of dinner first, but for me (as unladylike as this may sound) I just want to swallow those main dish down my throat y'all! 

When the food came, just like two years ago, all the wait felt worthwhile and we promised to save up and come again two years from now hehe.....
The Amazing Escargot de Bourgogne aux épinards
Salade Niçoise du Bouchon (I think it's Tuna Salad??)
Le Duck Le Something something
Le Fish Cod Le Grilled
It was fun catching up over dinner, (Last time I met Dd was when she had long hair, and Diana was wayyy back in Melbourne!) taking random photos and just having a jolly good time with the girls. Even Bloss younger sister, Sandra was there and Bloss was babysitting her the whole time - makes me feel like I want a younger sister to play with (No offense adik, but I don't understand your football lingo!)

For Bubs birthday, I got her a Gallo top from Fashion Valet. She was ecstatic coz we were all in love with the Will You Marry Me collection from Gallo. You can get them here at Fashion Valet (I could feel Titts patting my shoulder at this point, hehe)

After dinner, the waitress scored high points with us for being so friendly and offering to take pictures of us girls. Yay for awesome waiters and waitresses to end the night!

Bloss homemade Red Velvet cake. She should be a chef.

Dear Bubs, 

I hope you had a good time celebrating your birthday. Thank you for always being there when I needed a girlfriend's shoulder to lean on and for the (sometimes a little too) honest advices and opinions you and Bloss have always given me. Who would have thought, our MKU friendship would have flourished to what it is today - complete with custom t-shirts and a traveling tiara! Hehe. Superlove the fact that I have a countable friend who is always just a BBM away :))))


Anonymous said...

The birthday girl is so pretty!

Iyra said...

too sweet ajjiekins, i've got diabetes now! please know that the feeling's mutual :)


Toots said...

Yezzzaaaa she is!

Diabetes tsk. Go to PCMC for renal dialysis pls :p