Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Balik Kampung!

My sister and my brother in law, Along and Bamir are back for goodddd from UK which is awesome!! They spent 6 years studying and working in the UK and to have everyone back home living under one roof is just amazing. The house actually feels FULL. Heheh.

So last Sunday, we decided to stay in and well, guess what we watched over the weekend?

CUN! Yes, mom has been begging us to get it on Astro First because, well she's one of the Nur Kasih fan obviously and also because the whole house loves Maya Karin. She's just sooo prettyyyy!
By far one of Malaysia's prettiest actress!
The movie is basically about a city girl, who is frustrated with her hypocrite life and decided to find refuge and travel up north to a small village in Kedah where she fell in love with a village boy.

In all honesty, the movie wasn't that bad at all, there were lots of funny jokes and definitely there's a good chemistry between Remy Ishak and Maya Karin. But, if there's one thing I don't understand about our local movie is why do we exaggerate everything sooo, soooo much? The city people were EXTREMELY over the top characters and the villagers were sooo loud - sometimes I couldn't even make out what they were saying because everyone was talking at the same time (in high notes!) alllll the time.

Those comments aside, I definitely had a good laugh - and I love their super catchy soundtrack which I randomly hum everywhere I go these days. The village scenes were too pretty, make me feel like chucking away all life priorities and head downtown with family and friends!

This movie reminds me a lot of our homestay program a few years ago. And I have to admit living the downtown life IS awesome! It's so worry free and spending the evening playing Galah Panjang with your neighbors is sooo much more fun than staring at your laptop or being stuck in a traffic jam!

It was my version of CUN, which is a lot more realistic, and a lot less romantic!! Hehehe. Now I feel like taking a trip downtown again. Who knows, this time around I might find my kampung hero there! Lets hope I get better luck than this:


Good night guys!

p.s: If you're planning to visit Malaysia, I would highly recommend homestay program for you to try - definitely an experience you wont find elsewhere in the world! :)


petite girl said...

aww! you look so cute riding that bike.years since i ride one.i really love kampung.i mean like kedah all those paddy fields.i used to think it must be very very fun to like run across the paddy field like in those movies before my friend from Kedah said : Do you know your skin will turn red from itchiness from the paddy?Like those lalangs?

haha.since then,i know a lot more of things.some things off tv of course!looks like those bollywood actions across the paddy field and lalang are not easy as they seem.

dannyism said...

that's fun! how can I join activity like that?

aria said...

hello toots, i love your blog. for me you are the most humblest person that i've ever seen.

Kauthar said...

i've watched CUN via astro first last 2 weeks..i'm a kampung girl, who is now staying @ kampung, like u Toots i also cannot understand why is that villagers always been portrayed as 'loud'...kami ni sopan santun tau..waaahahah

nway, maya memang cun kan :D i think they have the best supporting actress!

p/s: nnti u datang jalan2 kampung i pulak eh :)

Anonymous said...

d last pic is funny.haha
and i do agree that maya is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for the past few months and from your way of writing, I could tell you're such a humble person!always makes me at least to stop and think about the little things in life.keep on writing please:)

Nada said...

LOL at Ananda in the last pic!!

I bought CUN! a few weeks ago because I adore Maya and I feel Remy is the most stunningly handsome Malay man to ever walk Malaya. I thought the girl who played Remy's sister was so convincing! She should win an award. And as much as I dislike Jehan, I actually thought his character was very funny in a geli way. Haha.

portem said...

batu 8 kan? use to go to the jeram at the end of the kampung.

Toots said...

Danny, you can google homestay malaysia, there's a lot of homestay program here - mine was in Labu, Negeri Sembilan

Thanks guys, I think we all have a humbler side of us, just need to put them into practice more often hehe

Nadaaa, u make me feel super uptight hehehhe. Gotta agree on Yummy Remy though LOL