Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

1. William is balding BIG time! Apparently, even Charles joked about his son thinning hair, hehe. 
2. Katherine Middleton is absolutely stunning. Her smile is just so, soo, sooooo contagious.
Bet you're smiling right now kan!!!?
3. Harry looked dashing, even better than the bridegroom I'm afraid.
4. Kate's sister's dress is TO. DIE. FOR. Lets pay tribute to this gorgeous piece by Mc Queen:
*bows to dress of the century*
5. I definitely want a horse carriage on my wedding. I will wave to the lamps and trees at Dataran Merdeka if I must -_________-"



Anonymous said...

Haha... yes, i will wait at the road side to wave at you as you drive by.

Anonymous said...

laugh while reading no 5.. u ar eso funny AJ!!!!

dannyism said...

wave at me, then i shall wave back. or vice versa. u choose. :) i'm here but i didn't bother to go witness the ceremony. and I don't even know why. :)

Toots said...

Yeah, I dont get the audience watching it live from the street either...HD TV is sooo much better! Heheh

Nadiah said... so funny!

Anike said...

Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences