Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gallo Spring Summer Collection

I just have to blog about this tonight!!!

A miracle happened today - my best friend walked down the runway for Gallo Spring Summer Collection 2011! Can you believe it??? I seriously couldn't believe it when she first dropped the bombshell! And if you know how ermmm, vertically challenged she is you would understand my reaction too. Hehe.

Of course, I couldn't miss the chance of seeing her walk alongside girls twice her height so I made my way to Gardens after work today.

I playfully told her that I couldn't make it for the event because it was raining, and the traffic was horrible. She sent me a LONG bbm saying how she couldn't believe that I would not be there to support her on her first (and most likely last, hehe) fashion show ever. Emo model I have here with me guys, pffft.

"You're gonna do sooooo wellll like you always do. The traffic is just horrible, you do understand right?"

"Yeah, no worries"

"Are you sure you're okay?"


Girls and boys, when you get supershort replies like this, you know it means the complete opposite right?!! "Uhuh" here literally stands for "If you're not here, our friendship will end for good"!

Anyway, I was glad I made it to the event because it was one of the most FUN, GIRLISH fashion show ever. The colors were all pastel, soft, fun, feminine and flirtatious at the same time - hats off to Gallo by Thian! And if you're upset because Gallo is only available in Malaysia, good news is coming your way because FashionValet will be stocking most of their items very very soon :)

How pretty is the stage, right? Makes you wanna plan your wedding right away! Hehe.
The models were fun and really cute! Each one had a personal pose with a story line behind it - friendship, love story and most things girly.
I swear half of the girls went lovestruck looking at him. Heheh
Cotton Candies for Size 0 Models!
Love Story/Wedding

Some of my favorites:

Just Married, how cute!
Pretty Tulle skirts

I gasped when this came out.

Gallo was also worn by former Miss Malaysia/Universe Andrea Fonseka and Deborah Henry:
Former Miss Malaysia 2004, Andrea Fonseka
Miss Malaysia 2011, the ever so beautiful Deborah Henry
I'm sure you're waitingggg for pictures of Titts walking down the runway, but I wont show any pictures of her yet - because she deserves to be the first to post it up on her blog and I will not spoil the surprise for her. Suffice to say, she is easily noticeable if only you lower your eye level. Hehe. You know I love you Titts!



hawbawww said...

ajieeeeeeee!hahahahaha!petite gile vivy.lols!since tgh b'cinta ngn buku, upd8 blog slalu plsssssssss.asyik tgk tv je!pffft.

petite girl said...

awww sweet!

Anonymous said...

So sex & the city, where real people go on stage to model instead of models haha

Eisha said...

so easy to spot vivy haha

fiza sarawak said...

where is vy?i couldn't find her in that!=p

shaz said...

vivy sgt comellss..hehe... a silent reader of urs btw...
nice reading ur blog...

Aneesa said...

hahahahah she looks sooo errr short? nevertheless very cute pixie

Raieza Hanim R said...

hahahahaha so cute laa Vivy! I bet if she went out alone, people wouldn't noticed the diff that much but oh my, when she's standing in a row with these models, errm? hehee.
But good thing she stands out still, for her personality :)

Vivy said...

i keel you.

hahahaha oh well, what are best friends for if not to embarrass each other. sigh..

thanks for being there toots!!!! yes, our friendship would've ended if you didn't come. pandai pun!

Fatunk said...

nice post ajjie..v is so cute and she's always good in everything she does.. so proud of her and of course you, being her very best friend is very happy and proud of what she is today right..tke cre n hve a great weekend