Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Boss That Got Away

I'm sure gazillion others would agree with me on this -  A boss would either make you or break you.

A good boss would make Monday Blues a legend left forgotten while a boss who barks at you every 5 minutes would dampen your spirit and leave you crying in the toilet.

Today, my team and I bid farewell to our boss - the lucky man who has been heading us, SEVENTEEN awesome girls.No Monday Blues for this guy laaa, too many eye candies in the office!!!! Hehe.

In our short period of working together, surprisingly we all mesh well together and I could not have asked for a better boss. The level of trust, flexibility and support that he gave us was beyond amazing and you would have to be a part of the team to understand what I mean.

Naturally we were, ehem, slightly affected by his leaving so we decided to throw him a surprise party. Much to our surprise, he had his own surprise in store for us too - a bouquet of flower for EACH one of us.

My bouquet of flower from boss

Now you see how amazing my boss is?!!

Not only he imparts knowledge, guides us and makes sure we get our job done, we also get to pull his legs alllll the time and still manage to secure a bouquet of flower for OURSELVES on HIS farewell. *offers platinum trophy to boss*

The theme color for the farewell party was purple/lilac and we only got to surprise him after office hours considering the ward officers are directly involved with the operational side.

Boss with his ward officers
Dils, the loudest among the bunch was busy teasing boss one last time at the party (You should see boss with his super-not-cool-peace-sign -->; MASSIVE age crisis he's got going!!!) An hour later when boss was about to leave, surprise surprise......Dils locked herself in the toilet and refused to see him go! Hahahahhahaa.

Fortunately for her, I was kind enough not to disclose the pictures (Seriously tempted to!!!)
I updated my bb status today to: Hate you boss for leaving!!!and  he bb-ed me a few minutes later and told me to stop being so emo.


Jokes aside if you're reading this boss, thank you sooo much for everything and we wish you all the best in your career. With your level of intelligence and credibility I'm sure you will do us proud out there. Don't forget your promise to bring us out for lunch once you've settled in your new office okay! =D



Mimie said...

kakak nak tanya beli dekat mana eyh cardigan putih tu

Anonymous said...

Your boss sounds so nice!

And your first statement is very true. I once had a fall out with my boss and for a longg time I had to drag myself to the office.

Toots said...

Mimie: cardigan tu ada jual dekat kedai mydressroom, jalan telawi bangsar. Very affordable and comfy - go grab it while u can!

Anon : yes he's awesome. Now that he's not my boss I can shower him with praises without coming across as fishy hehehe

I'm glad u and ure boss found a way to reconcile! :)

dannyism said...

u look so slim. envy u. huhu..n pretty too :)

petite girl said...

phew.lucky you to have such one good boss.or should i say had such one good boss?:) nice picture!

petite girl said...

by the way, is that a maxi dress?;)

Kauthar said...

bertuahnya dapat bos yang baik mcm tu..hopefully dapat yang baik jugak nanti :D

Toots said...

Petite girl: yess, it was a maxidress!

Dannyism:ure too kind, my friends would just say I'm a walking skeleton hahaha

And don't worry kauthar, every boss has his own strengths and weaknesses :)

dannyism said...

well then, U'll be the prettiest skeleton la! kidding. wat's important is that you are healthy.

seed said...

hi ajj..u look radiant in that blue cardy tp u look thinner cr :-)

farhana said...

I must say this: U really gorgeous! =)

shera said...
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shera said...

bestnye! my dream to work in that 'kind of environment'. ehem. bestnye!

i love ur workplace. envy u!

p/s: betul lah tekaan b4 ni kan. all the best ok!

p/ss : ye, nampak sgt super kurus dah ni

Toots said...

Seedd rinduu...hows everyone?? Tak mengurus la seed, after treasury makin naik hahah

Thanks farhana and dannyismm (i think? hahah)

And yes Kak Shera, you guessed it right :D

Anonymous said...

Babe is the maxi from Thepoplook?

Anonymous said...

I am not a stalker or anythg but i noticed those ward officers are from princecourt:)

Toots said...

Yes, from poplook!

Hey anon, how do you know that - are you a regular? Hehe

Coffee Mama said...

Yet to find an ideal boss who will motivate his/her staff to work, not just giving instruction..Depressed..Maybe instead of waiting for an ideal boss, I should become my own boss..(err, i think i'm just complaining *sigh*)