Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Part 2

About a week ago, Alia invited me and Titts for a belated birthday celebration, just us three. When Sunday comes, things got a little funny.

Titts told me that Alia reeeeeeaally wanted us to wear yellow and white so that we'll look nice in pictures. Immediately I said, "OMG You're planning my surprise birthday party with Aliaaa!!! You KNEW I wanted a yellow and white birthday party!!!!! Who else is coming???"

She laughed and told me not to hope for any surprise"There's no surpriseee - dont make me feel bad, you love to do this"

I guess it's true. Just last week at Dish, the jazz singer sang a birthday song and my face instantly lit as bright as a lightbulb. Luckily I didn't stand up and give the band members a blowkiss because it wasnt dedicated to me. It was for another birthday girl who annoyingly shares my birthdate AND place of celebration. Pffft.

So I thought it's high time I learn my lesson. No more suspicions....until I was about to leave the house.

Mom came to me and suggested I change my clothes, handbag, earrings, (the color of my hair if I could!) to something nicer. While she was talking to me I saw my sister walked out of the yellow.


So when Titts picked me up, I forced her to admit that we're going to my surprise birthday party. She swore that it was just the three of us....and I believed her (cehhh!) So when we walked into the restaurant, it was such a pleasant surprise to see my girlfriends there, all dressed in yellow and white.

It was exactly the sort of surprise I wouldn't mind having - small, intimate, simple, with good friends, good food, board games and tons of laughter! The best part about the surprise was that you would immediately realized two distinguished group of friends - the wives club and the singles!

While the wives/mothers were busy, erm, babysitting us single girls looked at what our future would look like in a few years time.

We realized how much things will change when you become a mother so we decided to embrace singlehood for a day and went crazy putting flowers on our head all.

Since it was my birthday, I got to choose what to do so we played my favorite boardgame of all time - Taboo!!! It was definitely not my choice to loose miserably in the game though, sigh.

Thanks girls for each effort made - big or small. I had one of the simplest, sweetest birthday celebration just the way I like it all thanks to you :)

And of course my love for these two organizers is as huge as Everest on top of the Alps now. Feel free to plan more surprises just for the fun of it =D

Sometimes in life you tend to hit roadbumps. And I hit mine when I ended my long distance relationship with my ex-boyfriend a few months ago. For a while I've been reflecting on myself, my weaknesses and where I went wrong. This birthday, I'm just thankful that I get to spend quality time with my family and friends, and be reminded of things that truly matter.

Life is a journey of improvement, and I'm more motivated than ever to journey this path of self improvement.


Kuey san said...

Salam n hi Toots! ;p

Great to know that u had a blast on your bdayy ;)

Like Titts said, Allah loves you. He gave you bunch of good companions.

V is one of those, kan? ;)

Titts and Toots make my blog-hopping soooo much fun. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear...

mind sharing the venue of ur bday celebration..cantikla:)

petite girl said...

happy birthday senior!

awww lucky you to have all of them around!

Kauthar said...

happy birthday dear..may Allah bless u ..ur so lucky to have such wonderful friends around u..

p/s: i think ur gorgeous..really!

Alia Ishak said...

I LOVE YOU LONG TAIM! :):) And glad you loved it darling! For you, I had to take all those blames from Titts. Haha. See you this weekend :)

Btw, anonymous, it was at Montes, Bangsar Shopping Complex :)

Coffee Mama said...

Hi Toots! Happy birthday and write more kay :-)

Ms LH said...

"ended my relationship.......where I went wrong".

Don't blame yourself sweetheart. God definitely has arranged a better man for you :)

Toots said...

Thanks for the birthday wishess guys!!! And yes I am definitely blessed with good friends.

And thanks Ms LH, I suppose everything happens for a reason :)