Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Carpool Gang Reunion

If previously the carpool gang reunites for Kak Zah's birthday, this time around the get together is to celebrate my 24th birthday! (To be fair, it was a double celebration - but lets just say my birthday outshines everything else =D)

They were too lazy to pick a place, so I had to choose the venue and without a second of thought I said "Chillis!". Tengs went a little too far and ordered me to pick everyone up AND pay for the birthday dinner! 

Chilvary is totally dead and buried I tell you.

K Zah was the sweetheart who decided to pick everyone up. When she picked me up, Kaka and Tengs were already at the backseat, hands placed behind their heads - obviously enjoying the rare chance and luxury of sitting at the passenger seat hahaha.

Tengs as usual was on strict bridal-diet so he skipped main course and went straight for the infamous dessert - the Molten Chocolate Cake. 

Yup, I have no idea how this  fits in his strict diet too!

The best part was when Kaka had to excuse himself to buy some groceries at Cold Storage and I suspiciously thought he went to buy my birthday cake HAHAHA. (Seriously need to stop with this whole perasan thingy!) He came back with milk and oats and unless they decided to give me nutritional breakfast pack for my 24th birthday, I immediately realized that it was a genuine run-an-errand moment for Kaka. When we dropped Tengs at his house, K Zah opened the carboot and my ACTUAL birthday present popped out - I got sooo excited!!

They got me I-Wanna-Go-Home pillows/house deco. The moment I saw the pretty things, I immediately knew the boys left it to Kak Zah to choose a birthday present for me. A guy would never come close to anything like this! Heheh

The collection reminds me of Cath Kidston!
Apparently, the long cushion represents Kaka, because he CLAIMED to be the tallest among us all (I still think I can beat him with my heels), the square pillow represents Kak Zah because she's the smallest among us, and the heavy door stopper represents Tengku, for, ermmmm....obvious reasons hahahahhaha. 

Mannn i'm a meanie - please forgive me Tengs! For what it's worth, the door stopper is the most unique item among the three!
How cute is that?
Birthday month is coming to an end, soon to be replaced by crazy Exam season!!! Prayyyy that I'll pass my 3rd paper guys, my books and I arent in good terms lately, heheh...

Good night ladies and gentlemen! (;


Fatunk said...

all the best ajjie..I'm sure you can do it..You always did=)

Kuey san said...

Re-quote what u wrote there,

Birthday months is coming to an end...

Yes, indeed. But today's my birthday. Kekekeke ;p

Anyway, I wish you all the best for the coming exams. Ganbatte~

Anonymous said...

door stopper? hahaha that's the most thoughtful gift i've ever heard

hppy bday,gdluck! (:

Miss Aida said...

LOL, I love how the pillows represent different people. :)

Toots said...

Kuey Sannnn happy birthday!!!!!