Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Kind of Polygamy

My text book finally arrived.....Four freaking weeks after the Chartered Accountant (CA) semester commenced! And now I have less than two weeks to absorb everything in and submit my semester project before end of this month *cries*

To make matters worse, I also have a work deadline due 2 days after my CA project due date. This is me practicing polygamy guys, dividing my time and attention (albeit unfairly) between Wifey work and Wifey CA. I cant wait to (God Willing) finish all my papers by end of this year and divorce Wifey CA. Heheh.

Kids, if you're reading this - have fun while you're still studying or talking to your toys.

Coz once work, projects, part time studying, business, husband, bosses, mother-in-law, and yes KIDS come into the picture your whole life will never be the same again.

Says the girl who is unmarried and carefree, hehe.

I would give myself a good rest first before I start diving head first into the books!



Anonymous said...

all the best toots!

Anonymous said...

good luck!

Sarah said...

all the best for the CA project!! :D

Toots said...

Thanks Sarah and dear anons! *bughug*