Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Falling Tree

Do you realize how gloomy KL has been these past few weeks?

Every day the rain is pouring and while it is not a good thing for us drivers, it is indeed a welcoming change from our usual sunny, hot days.

Last Saturday, it rained as usual.

I had my whole day planned - Friends Boutique Opening, Friend's birthday bash, Islamic Talk, Tea with Titts, and dinner with another group of friends. I don't usually go out that much, but since my parents are not home and it was my last weekend before the study madness begins so I thought, why not.

I'm very ashamed to admit what comes next, but I suppose this story goes a long way in reminding myself of our priority in life.

I was so hooked up to my daily activities that I missed my Zuhr prayer. Even worse, I was so occupied I didnt even realize I missed my prayer until I heard the Azan from a nearby mosque as I walked towards my car. I lost my way and was stucked in a slow moving traffic and ended up missing the Islamic talk as well. Since I was already on the way, I ended having tea with Titts just down the building where the talk was held, half an hour after the talk ended.

On my way home, I met with an accident.

I remember vividly the image of a falling tree, and my immediate thought was that it's going to hit me. I tried to break before the falling tree and everything then happened in a second.

The tree fell and hit a lampost before going down towards my slowing car. The car stopped just beneath the falling tree, and for some reason I froze in my car as if expecting the trunk to smash me any second.

It didn't.

The tree lowered to a level where the branches were already on my windscreen, but the trunk did not smash my car. It was just  inches away from crashing my car, by the mere support of the particular lamp post. It took me a minute to digest what had happened as I pressed the pedal and drove through the branches and leaves. There were some scratches on the windscreen and else where, but Alhamdulillah, that was all.

I reached home five minutes later, quietly made my way to my room and for the first time ever I reflected on my day.

God has given me simple rules in life -  do good and pray five times a day and yet, these expectations were put on hold, to meet other, more trivial expectations in life. I recalled the image of the falling tree, and the striking realization that at that moment, no one could help me - not my friends, not my family, and no one but Allah, and what He has fated upon me. By His power He has saved me when I have been ever so negligent on my responsibilities as a Muslim.

Therein I realized lies the beauty of the kalimah Bismillahirrahmanirrahim - In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

I made a point to remind myself to prioritize on my prayers since then, and I everyday I pray that I will become a better muslim today, then I was yesterday.


izzah said...

kalau ada Allah dalam hati kita, Allah akan pelihara kita walaupun kita sangka there's no one who gonna help us...take care =D

Kauthar said...

alhamdulillah..i've read ur story @vivy's..insyaAllah apabila kita mengingati Allah pasti Dia akan bersama dengan kita :)May Allah Bless You!

Anonymous said...

penah tak ade orang ckp u tunjuk baik,tak pakai tudung, dress up not in islamic way, yet pray?

Vivy said...

Anonymous, with all due respect, I'm sure you're a nice person. But what are your motives of leaving humiliating comments on people's blogs? Being anonymous just means you're hiding. If you feel so strongly about how a person should or should not act, perhaps you should send her a private message.

fiza sarawak said...

alhamdulillah,nothing bad happened to you. i pray that together we'll become a better muslim. thanx for this reminder.=)

silent reader said...

take care toots. hope apa yg terjadi, ade hikmahnya..
btw,anon, we are nobody to judge people,only God can do so.

suzi fauzi said...

May Allah keep blessing u sis..

silent reader said...

oh,forgot to mention. maybe you can apply my tips to your daily life. recite ayat Kursi 7x/day..maybe during prayers(5) + wake up in the morning+ before to sleep. insyallah, prevent you from danger etc. =)

aiesya said...

wow..alhamdulillah u r ok...dulu slalu jugak lalu dat area sbb hubby kerja no more..take care!

badgirlgonegood said...

ur write up make me all rare to see someone so young and yet wise enuff on life and who cares what that Anonymous is saying..that is just plain mean..this is ur blog and u write what u want and what u feel.

undomesticwifey said...

I agree with silentreader, setiap yang jadi ada hikmahnya. Kita tau diri kita siapa and InsyaAllah, we'll be better Muslim.

I enjoy reading your blog.Eventhough sometimes berjanggut nak tunggu update :-)..still I like it.

You take care ok.

Please said...

Subhanallah. Thank you for sharing the story. This has now become a reminder to myself too.

Toots said...

Thanks everyone for the comments, reminders and tips :)

Zamri said...

Thanks for sharing this reflection. May Allah bless you.