Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carpool Gang Reunite!

I swear February is the birthday month of the year!!! So many birthdays and celebrations and it's just unfortunate that I'm at this point of my Financial Cycle:
FYI, this period is equivalent to home packed lunch meals, less outings, more night-ins and puppy eyed dramas to get friends to pay for my lunches/dinners (Works all the time!). But this time around it's Kak Zah's birthday, who is like an elder sister to us Carpool Alumni so celebration is a must!

We don't see each other as often anymore since I changed job and stop carpooling with them. So it's always nice to meet up and catch up once in a while. The best thing about being neighbors is that you can meet just across your house and everyone would be very happy. Heheh. To make things better, we even carpooled to the Restaurant, which really is just five minutes walk away from my house :P I swear we deserve the Best Neighbors Award of the year!

Tengs came slightly later, and being the future bridegroom that he is - he was very picky on what to eat, obviously trying to loose some excess weight  muscles. Ehem.

While acknowledging his efforts, we did nothing but drool over the appetizers and steaks but he didn't budge an inch. Seriously guys, I just realized this is the BEST diet tip ever! If you wanna loose weight, plan a wedding and buy wedding dress/suit that is five size smaller. You'll be a size S in no time!! If you're already married than well....just be happy with who you are lah hahahah

Tengs. Obviously eying the Vegetarian Burger -_-'
Chilli Lamb Shank as appetizer, so very yummy.

What was hard to ignore was when the waiter came and prepared the 'surprise' cake and candle in front of Kak Zah as we all looked around awkwardly -_-

The waiters however, were such joy to be around, they sang and even popped that-thing-that-splashes-colored-strings-with-a-big-bang-sound. The bad thing was that they popped it out of no where, next to my poor earlobe - I was so shocked, almost shoot up the ceiling! Heheh.

Kak Zah looking pleasantly 'surprised'
Pure Indulgence.

Happy birthday Kak Zah!!! I'm glad our path crossed and that I met someone with such a big heart filled with so many good advices. Love you lots and lots above that super indulgence chocolate cake *points upwards to picture* ♥



Anonymous said...

cool.. another post so soon! Glad you updating quite often :)

Nadiah said...

woohoo...the cake look so yummy.

wiraputih said...

elo elo elo elo

petite girl said...

sweet! hey trully yummy!

Toots said...

Wiraputih kembali lagi!!!! Hehe

bzbodee said...

the cake looks heavenly..where is this?

Anonymous said...

Where are u working now?