Sunday, February 20, 2011

The More Important Things in Life

My weekend started off a bit funny.

It has been a hectic day at work this whole week, so I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. On Friday night after aerobic class, I went back to my workstation to pack, ready to start my 'relaxing weekend'. My stomach was growling and all I could think about was food, food, food! 

A millisecond later, there was only one (panic) question in my mind - Where the hell is my car key?!?

And then it hit me. My colleague borrowed my car key to get some stuff in my car during lunchtime. My colleague, who went home three hours ago had my car keys.

I called her to check and true enough, while I was looking high and low for my car keys in Kuala Lumpur, it is safely tuck in my friend's handbag, on her sofa, in her PUTRAJAYA!!!

I wanted to cry AND laugh at the same time, as I waited for her and my car key to arrive. This is Karma working full force boys and girls because I once brought home my friend's car key too! (Zharif, have you been praying for Karma to teach me a lesson behind my back?!!)

The next day was much more promising as I started my day early with my neighbours. We had breakfast at Decanter and I, of course was obliged to order the best pancake in the world, The Hot Banana Pancake!
Tengs, Kaka and I have been neighbors all our life but never really know each other until I started working at the same place two years ago and we became Carpool Friends. 

Well.....maybe carpool isn't the technically correct term because I didn't drive them to work - it doesn't work both ways. Hehehhe. There were four of us, and the boys were nice enough to take turn to pick us up and send us home when we used to work at the same place. Tengs is happily in love and is getting married so he's off the market, but Kaka is available so if any of you single girls are interested, do let us know!

I do miss them sometimes because going to work is a lot more fun when you have your friends around and (more importantly) because you're not at the driver seat heheh. K Zah is like a mother figure to us all and while Tengs, Kaka, and I may go off tangent once in a while, she is always the one with the good advice. But well, they all live just a stone throw away so lets not get over dramatic here :P

After breakfast I went back to office to get some files so I could do my work at home. 

And then off I went for a shopping spree with a girlfriend who for some reason I seldom spend time together with in KL - Miss Amydoremy!!! Weener came to join us shortly after as we helped Amy shop for her birthday dress. We went a bit crazy in this particular shop in Bangsar - My Dress Room. It's just so much fun to drag all the dresses into the fitting room and not buy anything at all in the end! Hahahhahaha.(Okay, that's a white lie because we did spend quite a bit, especially the future birthday girl. Suddenly one dress is perfect for her new job, another one is perfect for her Friday night, another one is too pretty it's a sin not to buy, etc etc etc)

My Saturday ended perfectly with an all paid, romantic dinner.....with mom! We had a good time bonding and talking about everything significant in our life. When my father is working outstation, my mom would sleep with me in my room - so yes, I am her second roommate! Heheh. That gives us a lot of time to talk about anything and everything under the sun. It's hard not to be close to your roommate, especially when you're single and hate to drive!

Seafood Grilled Tepanyaki with Garlic Rice at Chef and Brew - a must try!

Working sometimes has a funny way of making you forget the more important things in life as you strive to meet expectations and project deadlines. A day spent with my neighbors, girlfriends and mom is enough to remind me of the more important things in life :)



Anonymous said...

great post again! Thanks for updating.

Nazneen said...

such a busy weekend u had!
hi Amyyyyyyy :)

See you around. I'm coming back for good next month. Like in 13 days :(

Anonymous said...

hi dear..
if u dont mind sharing & telling, whose shirt are u wearing in this post from proudduck -


Toots said...

Yeah, I read your blog!!!!! You'll be colleagues with amy how awesome is that?!! Hehe. See you soon *hugs*

And thanks Anon!

Anonymous said...

you look so hot and gorgeous!! love the cardigan, love the legging, love the handbag!! just love how you matched them all!!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had sex before?

Titts said...

Yes, she has. With me. Does that make your life brighter?

petite girl said...

hey, you are becoming prettier senior!