Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Minimal Level of Respect

Almost a year ago, I wrote about how the corporate world has been very kind to me as I meet people from all walks of life and encounter admirable characters whose values I wish to emulate.

To say that the corporate world is filled with all things nice and dandy is an overstatement which would far exceed the reality. And an incident I encountered today was just an example of many other unfavorable experiences which many of us have probably experienced.

It is not my intention to humiliate anyone, but I hope this post will serve as a lesson to myself and to many others reading this.  Most of my readers are within my age group if not younger. And among us there will be those who will be (or  already is!) sitting in the corporate office, donning his/her corporate attire, leading a company – big or small. I hope this piece of writing will be a gentle reminder to keep our head on our shoulder at all times.

This is a piece on humility.

I grow up realizing that platinum treatments are not for everyone, that if you’re ‘someone-in-life’ you don’t go to the same restroom as us commoners, that red carpet and fast track lanes are for those who have achieved something in life – and that is fair I presume, as you are being recognized for the contributions that you have made in your years of living.

Besides, I could not imagine the Premium Lounge being just another ‘Warung Mamak’

I suppose there are some things that are not inherently and rightfully ours – and platinum treatment is one of them.  A high level of respect is another thing that one must earn, and not expect to come in life’s standard package. Having said that, I strongly feel that a minimum level of respect must exist between human beings to keep us civil with one another.

Whether that person is wearing a suit, or a janitor’s uniform, whether the person is a Director or a Cleaner, whether that person is royalty or commoner – a certain level of respect must exist between civil human beings. The type of respect that makes you address them by their names, the type of respect that naturally comes with humility, the type of respect that makes you courteous and not rude – especially if that person has never wronged you in the past.

So, please.

Someday, God Willing you will be great. And while our position or rank may be upgraded, it does not in any way down grade the rank of those below us.  We can be strict or we can be soft spoken or even sarcastic, but at all times, treat people with this minimal level of respect that they rightfully deserve.  

And at other times we’re just another one of 6 billion human beings gracing this planet. So spread that beautiful smile, and listen even to those below us. It enriches no one else but ourselves as we learn to see things from different perspectives. After all, we’re not the greatest (how can we be when there are people who climb Everest, save lives, and become self made billionaire in their early 20s!) and we’re definitely not invincible.

It is how we treat people that matters in the eyes of every religion – not our position and definitely not our pay slip. If everyone is saying the same thing about us, even if it hurts there may be some truth in it. Evaluate where we can improve continuously, for a man who remains stagnant is a man living in denial.

Lets together keep our humility close to our heart dear friends, because that is the basic element that keeps us humane.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! But can you write about what happened that made you felt this way?
I am sure you and the rest of your friends are of a certain level compared to the lower level earning barely enough to survive much less travel, have good food, have facials & massages every few months. Just wondering why suddenly you felt this way? Just curious :) Lovely post though.

human being said...

easy for u to write about respect n humility when u r born with golden spoon in ur mouth....

Toots said...

Hi Anon, I don't think I can elaborate because when it comes to work matters i have to be professional :) Lets just say I got a pretty rude response because I'm not someone important enough to talk nice to, LOL.

Hi HB, not sure what ure trying to say - but thanks for dropping a comment!

Miasuraya said...

Dear human being, I feel that you've missed the point of her post. And isn't it actually great that a person "born with golden spoon" (in your words) in her mouth is able to talk about respect and humility?

Thanks A-Jay for the post. It's a good reminder to us all.

Pel said...

Well said!

soleil_m said...

well, it's true ajjie was born with a golden spoon in her mouth but for me, she's one decent lady! love everything about her

omg! i sound so ... fanatic? :P

anyway, keep it up, girl! :D

Anonymous said...

Ignore those self centered ppl. Thats what I'll do :)
Have a good week ahead.

human being said...

Wow..I did not realise i had offended other readers (more so than the writer)..the thing is yeah we can write about humility ..and respect but do we icluding yours truly actually practice them?nevertheless, this post does serve as a friendly reminder and for that thank you toots..

Toots said...

No worries HB :)

Thanks Mia, Soleil, Pel and Anon for the comments, really appreciate the support! *Hugs*